1. Или вот военные фильмы... На моей памяти последние нормальные фильмы - Брестская крепость и Туман, а дальше пошёл закос под «Спасти рядового Райана». Ну не таков у нас менталитет, чтобы смотреть на 1940-е глазами американцев, понимаешь? (Для них Нормандия или Иводзима - всего лишь очередные приключения, тогда как в сознании нашего народа то время отпечаталось более трагично) Да я вместо «Девятаева» и «на Париж», от которых так и исходит пафосом, лучше "Диверсанта" или “Апостола" пересмотрю лишний раз.

  2. Вот нашла копипасту про годные российские фильмы про Великую Отечественную, по крайней мере тех, где нет побед вопреки и очернения наших и добрых фашистов:

  3. Так на ощущение тепла/холода влияет не только температура, но и влажность и ветер.

  4. Imagine what a howl it would be if they did this trick to conditional Hebrew.

  5. Really? I thought you would be the best people to ask haha 😄

  6. In most apartment buildings in Russia have central heating, utilities turn on heating in the fall and do not turn off until spring, and most private houses have gas heating, which they turn on themselves when they want, while communal services in apartment buildings turn on heating according to plan (the term varies from 1 September to 15 October), and the residents of apartment buildings can for a short period of time in autumn and spring feel the cold in their homes, which they fight with electric heaters, insulation of windows and doors and wearing warm clothes. The government has taken care of this since Soviet times. In Russia, the heating fee is cheap. A real Russian is not the one who does not freeze, but the one who dresses properly and knows how to keep warm, lol. In winter, when it's -30 °C outside, our houses are +25 °C (or even +30 °C), so people in winter take more care to cool the house (they open the windows periodically) and increase humidity in houses, because many people don't have thermostats.

  7. Полякам и французам только не рассказывай =)

  8. "Уберите школьников из интернета. Интернет от них тупеет" (с)

  9. Zhirinovsky at the end of 2020 named possible candidates for the post of president of Russia (except Putin): Mikhail Mishustin, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Shoigu, Sergey Sobyanin, Valentina Matvienko, Sergey Naryshkin, Vyacheslav Volodin, Alexey Dyumin and Alexey Kudrin.

  10. Sobyanin would be more moderate and pragmatic, I think.

  11. Well, if he joins all of Russia to Moscowia, then Russia will live better, because Moscowia spends money only on itself.

  12. Lmao, I thought. You were saying his first name was “Muslim”, not that he was a Muslim, should have included his full name like you did the woman.

  13. His name is Muslim, and he belongs to this religion, which is obvious. Among people belonging to Islam, the name Islam is also quite common. Are you not confused by Christians who are literally named Christian?)

  14. When an Azerbaijani Muslim (even if he is very secular and shows religion only in religious holidays and respect) and a Russian sing a Christmas song during a New Year's TV program, this is definitely a normal day in Russia)))

  15. Got introduced to Radio Tapok thanks to Sabaton (he did a bunch of covers of their music in Russian, and they liked it so much they invited him to sing with them in Moscow during a concert there and the band made an appearance in one of his cover videos).

  16. Really? I thought he was on the white list, given how patriotic his last album seems to be.

  17. Can you read? I have already said twice that he is not on any lists, that person is misinforming. The album Radio Tapok only tells a story, but since in the West since the time of McCarthyism, it is customary to attribute any works in which Russia\USSR is shown in a neutral or positive way to the pro-Russian propaganda (as if it is something bad), then yes, the album can be considered "propaganda".

  18. Там не про Стругацких, там про боль человека на фоне тотального хренпоймичепроисходит

  19. То же самое есть и в книге, но поскольку она не такая нудная и напыщенная, её никто шедевром артхауса не называет.

  20. Чрезмерно напыщенная непонятная нудятина типа со смыслом, понятным лишь Тарковскому, которые никак не отражает "Пикник на обочине", да ещё и режиссёр замучил Стругацких, заставив девять раз сценарий переписывать, ведь он же лучше знает, что такое Зона, и вообще всех умнее.

  21. So, how do they call the Baltic poeple who also lived close to them and spoke a different type of language? If that term is less derogatory, Germans would indeed have a reason to feel offended.

  22. You won't believe it, but Slavic and Baltic languages form one branch of Indo-European languages — Balto-Slavic languages.

  23. I'm quite sure is German today, after living 40+ years in Germany, is better than it was when it came to filming these movies.

  24. He occasionally appears in German films now. Can check out accent in these movies?

  25. He is a Serb by ethnicity, he migrated to Germany in 1966 (at the age of 26), before that he worked there as a stuntman and as an extra. He studied German at school.

  26. https://ⓇⓊСоветско-японская_война

  27. For NY? Sure. Russian NY is basicly a desacralized Christmas. Christmas tree = New Year tree, Stanta = Grandpa Frost, and so on.

  28. Well, yes, Christian Christmas is not based on pagan winter holidays at all, yes. /s

  29. In Russia, lists of banned sites are compiled, not lists of allowed ones. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites are blocked from Western sites. Youtube is not blocked, but some videos are blocked. Reddit is not prohibited.

  30. Good to know. Are those the only blocked sites, or are there some other ones?

  31. No, its not the only ones, I have listed only social networks. Here is the registry (

  32. if aliens were on earth we were exterminated a long time ago people don't care about the lives of ants aliens wouldn't care about people's lives. the weak die. the existence of aliens is almost 100 in space.

  33. Quote from the book "Roadside Picnic": Do you often come into contact with ants?

  34. The North of Kazakhstan is similar to Russia in this respect, also urban women of Kazakhstan are quite independent, but the further into the hinterland, the stronger the traditions.

  35. In Russia, they can be found less often than guys from Central Asia, for obvious reasons. I feel a little sorry for them, because family and traditions are strong there.

  36. The main thing is that he should be clean, free of sexually transmitted diseases and attractive to me.

  37. To invent a hot room/house for washing with a steam room, don't need a lot of intelligence. In Russian, any such room is called the word "banya (bathhouse)", and to emphasize the difference from a regular bathhouse, phrases like "Finnish banya" (the word "sauna" is also used), "Roman banya", "Turkish banya", etc. are used. Initially, the Finnish bathhouse was no different from the east Slavic one, but at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Finns introduced a heating system in the form of an electric furnace for bathhouse, making the air hot, but very dry (which is actually bad for the respiratory tract, and as a result, the Finns, with their cult of saunas, had a 2.5-fold higher incidence of lung cancer than their Scandinavian neighbors, with similar levels of smoking and environmental indicators), and they also invented an infrared sauna. The air in the sauna is hotter than in the banya (80 °C and above against 50-80 °C), and the humidity is very low (5-15% against 40-70%). It is very problematic to steaming in the sauna, and there a little steam, because the area of the stones is small, and if you try to increase the humidity in the sauna with a temperature of 90 °C to 50% and steaming, then you can die. This is exactly what happened to Vladimir Ladyzhensky during the sauna sports final! In Russia, such modern saunas are treated neutrally-negatively.

  38. I'm russian and i have never been in banya i temperatures below 80 °C, its really, really cold for banya. Most banyas have 80-120 °C some people can stand higher than 120, but its too hard. Also russians like to slams each other by birch or oak brooms, that calls "paritsa" (par=steam, it may translate like "steaming"), like women in video. I think the best temperatures for this 80-100.

  39. Dude, I literally go to the banya twice a week and steaming there once a week. 80 °C for a banya is not cold. Data on average temperatures and humidity are available in open sources and you can compare it yourself. People transfer the sauna from 100 °C precisely because of the general dryness of the air: dry hot air is more easily tolerated by the body than moist air having the same temperature, but the respiratory tract will not disappear. And I have been in the sauna about twenty times and every time hot and dry air beat my nostrils there, and attempts to steam there failed every time, because the broom crumbled due to dryness, and there is not enough space there, because the distance to the ceiling is small on the shelves, infrared radiation made me feel like my face and chest were on fire after ten minutes of being there, the temples began to knock after trying to steam up, and I did not feel in fully clean after the sauna. I can compare the banya and sauna, unlike the Finn above.

  40. I like an Italian accent and a male German accent. The Italian accent is very soft and romantic, and the German turns me on with its strength.

  41. An endangered species. The last representative I saw several years ago. Or maybe I'm just walking in the wrong places.

  42. A drunken company that intimidates passers-by, listens to vulgar rap and talks about some ponyatiya can be seen often. I still don't understand why gopnik is considered a subculture, It's just hooligans. A couple of years ago, loud news about teenagers professing the "ideology" of AUE (

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