There goes my life savings. Friends have been telling me to sell now and take the $11.3k Loss. But i’m too regarded to sell.

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  1. If you react this way to a woman doing this to you and you are NOT a police officer, you will be arrested BY a police officer and go directly to jail and get charged. Police are generally above the law and can react in self defense with no consequences like this guy. It is just so fucked up that cops can get away with this but a regular joe is not allowed to react in self defense at all. A woman can even attack you and then LIE that you reacted in self defense and you will still go to jail and be charged. I’m speaking from experience. With a pending charge. From merely pushing my ex away as she attacked me. Fuck the police and their hypocrisy. And fuck that woman for being a bitch.

  2. I am sure there is a beautiful 30-letter compound German word for that :)

  3. Speaking as a 64-color 5, I must correct the original speaker that periwinkle is the opposite of vibrant. However it was my favorite color between the ages of 7 and 9.5yrs old.

  4. The screaming kid was only one reaction. Need to hear other screams or responses for her “mixed reactions” statement to be believed to be true. Can’t automatically believe in journalistic integrity these days.

  5. Its pretty normal teenage kid stuff. Unfortunate for the sleeper tho.

  6. Not a secret really, but a few of the CD games I tested also pulled up in Japanese when I switched the language on the US version of the mini. Did not have time to check them all though.

  7. Yes, you get the true Japanese mega drive versions when switching to Japanese!

  8. I’ll comment on one aspect that is probably most relevant - my dad was extroverted and I introverted… my older half-brother was also extroverted. My dad never knew how to connect with me. Still doesn’t. Always liked my brother better.

  9. Independent critical thinker. All parties are crazy! 😜 I don’t choose sides, I am too open-minded and don’t agree with 100% of any “side.”

  10. Aspiration pneumonia is no joke! Especially in a baby! Girl needs tgtf off her phone and sit her baby up

  11. She’s clearly a mom too young to have any fucking common sense. Social media is more important than her baby potentially choking or getting aspiration pneumonia. I feel for the baby it has such a narcissistic mom.

  12. I got banned on dating subs on five other accounts and they can detect IP and automatically ban me for circumventing bans. I was originally banned because I got reported too many times. Some girl cheated on her bf and people were giving her sympathy, and I played devil's advocate and bam. BANNED by the next day

  13. People were sympathizing with the cheater and you tried to be devils advocate by having morality and they banned you for that?

  14. I’ve cheated and people irl have sided with me. Can’t imagine online 😄

  15. Yeah no shade on it, was just making sure I understood 😄

  16. Nope. But, in many cases it would have been wiser distrust more.

  17. As long as a woman isn’t looking for the loud large dumb linebacker type, most most excellent. 😈

  18. I have had 4 surgeries involving general anesthesia and I get so excited every time because I know there is a small chance the anesthesia will kill me in a freak accident. When I wake up I’m like FUCK!!

  19. Hell yeah say goodbye to that shit! But there are cool adult parties you’ll get to eventually, unless you fuck up and get married (please please don’t) and then EVERY year on Halloween your wife or whatever is sick and you feel obligated to stay home and miss your favorite holiday year after year as you then watch your 20’s slip away. Relationships will be the death of halloween future. That or no friends.

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