1. May we swap? by any chance ill show you a picture of what mines look like

  2. Alright, sounds good. Though, do you wanna show me the nadar in game, or do you want to send me a picture of it?

  3. i can show you in DM and show my potions if you wanna accept the color of the nadaler

  4. Yes the total is 46k, if you don't mind waiting a few minutes as i have another trade to do and my wifi is kinda bad

  5. yes, i can wait don't worry take your time i know wifi has been bad lately for me too lol so no worries

  6. I'm done, my user is irgjoeisngn

  7. No worries! (Sorry for my late reply as well-) my user is Chloehehe670 ^

  8. FM Dbl Roz + 2 partial pure color potions for wolf? Will throw in 4-5 leg eye potions for both event though I’m only looking for a wolf.

  9. Of course ur fine I’m barely on Reddit now days you want me to add you now?

  10. Added! And also you don’t have to unfreind me after the trade u can always use my sever!

  11. It depends on what you wanted for it I don't have enough coins I do have some dragons tho

  12. I hate to do this to you but I'm not gonna trade any dragons but good luck

  13. When somebody send you an chat so you can talk about trades or something like that! ( aka I think it means direct message )

  14. Thank you. Sorry for leaving so fast the power went out but not my phone.

  15. Well don’t have it anymore sorry but I do have a fm pure mountain bun I could swap with the green one if it’s fm

  16. Sorry somebody already wants to swap with me with their bun 😁. But got an offer for the no mut bun? The purple one?

  17. Sure! I bought it for a friend but she bought one in the hub, so now I am reselling for what I paid for it.

  18. Hello? Are you online? I saved up! I’m ready to buy the coat from you! If your online please freind me I already told you my user. Pineapple_heehee / Display Is Rin

  19. Uhh I don’t have an price for it 😅. Do you have any prices your looking for atm?

  20. Yeah but I will have to end up playing an scary game with my brother 😅 but sure I’ll make sure to get back with you once I’m done and your done. Thanks for reaching out to me!

  21. I can't add images sorry. There's not an option for it on here.

  22. Sorry I was in school I’m available rn (user is Pineapple_heehee / Display is Rin

  23. And you want me to do that and your adds with all of my stuff? That’s in the pics?

  24. I can try to get the mut pot? And are u trying any other ones u have in ur inv?

  25. no sorry, I see that the heels can go for 80-100k right now and I sold a copy of the sleeves for 40k just now

  26. Ah. I see. That’s okay then. Maybe I can wait for Halloween lol but thanks again. Have an nice day-morning-night.

  27. OH dang- my bad 😀 I got bad memory thanks again I forgot it’s an heartbroken set or whatever it close to it is

  28. The average is 20k-40k does 30k seem fine with you? I'm so sorry if it isn't!

  29. Heyy! I'm guessing the other person is busy and as I told u if they don't respond in an hour I'd do your's! Or did I? I don't remember! But if u still wanna do it, I can ofc do so!

  30. Oh I thought u already did the other person I’ve already unfreinded bc I thought u did another trade with somebody else so I was fine with that 😅

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