1. Now i want a Bill mod, start as prepper in an empty but fully stocked little town or community with an arsenal of weapons. Zombies start from Louiville but over time will migrate outside. You'd have to make runs to nearby towns for supplies and some time later you'd be overrun with the amount of migrating zombies so you better build a fortress.

  2. Set your start zombies to zero and make it so they slowly trickle in in vast numbers

  3. So many furries on this sub, seriously gtfo nobody wants your stinky ass

  4. I'll take the downvotes with you brother. Furry < actual shit

  5. I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. It absolutely killed the pacing. While the rabbit trail down this seemingly unrelated story that wouldn’t have changed the main story line had we not seen it was beautiful, engaging, well done all around. It still detracted from the main plot in terms of pacing. Tess JUST died and we got all of four lines of dialogue to address it whatsoever lol

  6. Joel clearly doesn't want to talk about it so there's not much to be said

  7. Wow this is literally only funny to anyone under 15

  8. The cover, leave it on the top in the bag so the slice underneath doesn't get extra dry

  9. The lack of Denmark as a vote choice in all the votes here makes me feel unwelcome

  10. Dude if he was my brother I'd beat the ever fucking shit out of him

  11. That's basically my little brother, too bad my parents enable it so there's not much I can do

  12. I don’t think this fits the sub, this is pretty based

  13. Funny how Denmark isn’t on the list but they used to be the ones ruling the Kalmar Union

  14. Many left-leaning people here and I think their concerns are legitimate. It is easy to assume this (probably) expensive procedure will be first available for the rich but assuming it will be accessible for everyone, this technology won't do our society any good. Just imagen wealthy and powerful people living more years than everybody else. Or people in power living healthy lifes until they are 100 or older, it will become really hard to change things cause they sure as hell will not giveing up on their power or chance their pov. It is also safe to assume that this will add to inequality, because rich people can just earn more money for even longer and buy more thing to add to their collection of expensive things.

  15. This is exactly why health care should be free for everyone, then it doesn’t matter how rich you are. Must be hard living in a country where the rich milk the poor for all they’re worth while leaving them in the gutter

  16. Some people have their tongue rest at the bottom of their mouth

  17. Those people are usually the ones with double chin

  18. Hahah what’s the point of the server if all 10 people are friends? you might as well play Minecraft.

  19. I’m not mad that he killed me and I don’t have any problem with KoS, the problem is he acted friendly just to shoot me when I walked away instead of just trying to kill me to begin with

  20. To all the hate you're taking, it's okay to get frustrated and it's okay to vent! This kind of shit is the main reason I pay to run my own server. I like it quiet and I like not having to deal with shit bags while I work out how to survive on my own.

  21. Yeah I always found “bandits” in tv to be unrealistic, like why would you for example want to raid a community and take its shit when you could just join them but I guess that’s just because I’m seeing it from my point of view as there seems to be people exactly like that

  22. No because they came to the US looking for work to feed their families, most Immigrants in Scandinavia just want the free social welfare and healthcare while doing nothing

  23. sweden is no longer nordic because cant make swedish flag with red, blue, white 🇧🇻🇫🇮🇮🇸🇩🇰

  24. The Swedish flag is a mockery of Dannebrog, the clean white cross replaced by a piss coloured one, and unoriginally replaced the red with blue like spergs

  25. "just gimme a Southeast Calvin with a 3-7-2 blended line with inverted stripes meeting at the zenith with an Alabama Twist."

  26. Shiiiit bro can’t have it without that Alabama twist 🤤

  27. No my friend that’s an addiction, but I can see why people on this sub would argue otherwise, they probably have the same problem as anon

  28. Bro, free time is literally time where you have no obligations and is FREE to do whatever you want.

  29. If you think the only alternative to playing games is being miserable and staring at the ceiling then you’re the exact type of person I’m talking about

  30. Lyder som kommunisme, den går sku ikke i Danmark!

  31. No we can afford to go to the store in between breaks

  32. Merge Copenhagen and Malmø to make a new capital

  33. Copenhagen would make the most sense, it’s kind of like the gateway strait to most all of these other capitals in the Baltic sea

  34. People complain about fake greentexts but also don’t like anything grounded it reality

  35. It used to be also common in Hungary for less educated people. They leave their child in a public place and run away and hide as a punishment. The child is pertified and cries for their mother. When moma thinks they learned the lesson she shows up… Fortunately since cell phones have pretty cameras it’s kinda rare.

  36. What the actual fuck bro, that shit is traumatising for a child

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