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  1. Jitna maza aaj gulshan ko dekh ke aaya utna to pure season nhi aaya.

  2. Suicide is not going to solve anything bro..stay strong and tell your parents..why would you have to suffer when you're not the wrong person.

  3. Yeah, I hope so too. Please update here when you receive yours, if possible? 😅

  4. Yayy that's great. I received mine too. Started using it from last night. I'll remember you being the reason for me to finally start using a serum, OP. Thanks a lot for posting about the deal that day. 🥳🕺

  5. Awwwww yar that's so sweet😭😭😭..i hope you have a great skincare journey ahead💓💓💓

  6. Ikr he's like every other punjabi guy.. i almost see 2-3 guys like him on daily basis

  7. "Hai Nahi ga" collectively pronounced as " hai n-word" is the doabi punjabi expression of "no i dont have"

  8. I want them to evict Ankit and their trp to go soo low that they will realise their mistake.

  9. Not that involved in bb but can you explain why Ankit's eviction will effect trp?

  10. Lmao i was blown away when i heard Christian yoga exists like stay the f away from yoga do your own exercise

  11. Yeh video itni masaledar thi ki meri family jinhe inka kuch na pta woh bhi poore interest se dekh rhi thi

  12. Agar male chicken ko maar dete hai to female chicken pregnant kaise hoti hai?

  13. trimax dikhao bro ye kya bakchod pen hai

  14. Rakulpreet's background of the photoshoot looks so cute with the colour of the dress ..she looks adorable

  15. ur proportions make u look so tall

  16. Sonam Kapoor is neither beautiful nor talented, what gave her that delusion?

  17. Idk but but i find her face proportions pretty. She has everything that an average girl longs for

  18. Mey 1st sey 6th standard Tak ICSE mey. I was atleast mentally stable. And had at Max 3 friends. Ladki school mey bhi hot rehtey hai. Kyu ki pesay aur standards hai.

  19. I've done my 10th from icse and my 11th & 12th from cbse🤡🤡.. Cbse mei jate hi itne zada culture shock lge mujhe.. Teachers cbse mei chacha chachi jaise friendly aur muh pe besti krdete and pdhate kuch na.. Exams mei hum baithe hote the aur hmare kaano mei ake answers btaake jate the.. Har hafte koi competition hota tha mehndi, cooking, yeh woh.. Jaise bhi tha i miss my convent school.

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