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  1. My phone already has a crack in the casing near the charge port, and it gets harder to use by the day.

  2. Artists usually charge money, as per their commission model. Many of them get annoyed by unsolicited requests. Especially the good ones, who can be busy, or have a backlog of other work, and so on.

  3. Es looks more like Mori Calliope in this AI art.

  4. Literally don’t know any other way to say it other than S

  5. Hey, that's pretty good! Kumamoto Castle is definitely one of the better Standard Rares in the game.

  6. True. Hard to beat a Limited, and Venomous Creatures get some darn good buffs

  7. Actually kinda surprising to see just how many of these theories I lent a voice to over the years. A firefight over 'Pauleen is Bi' is the reason I didn't make it more than a few months over on FF Tumblr.

  8. Well testudo does basically the same thing but better. In this deck are so many good/rare cards i'm pretty sure he either has it or is able to afford it.

  9. I meant for Energy costs. Dropping 3 extra on everything until the end of the round with no Magna Carta in sight. That's a sure sign of a spendy deck.

  10. As an "if you won" condition, and just to History. Testudo is everything.

  11. What are some tiny decks I should look into?

  12. Tiny is a playstyle rather than a full archetype. Tiny Rainbow works well, and a couple categories with cards that feed into Tiny well are Mega Maths and Reptiles, especially when Darwin + Tortoises + (Golden) Ratio.

  13. just ask yourself who has the most go gain by the pipelines being Sabatoged and you'll find your answer.

  14. Ya know what, I’ve been meaning to see if that would work but I was so in the habit of doing it this way, any chance I got I was short duplicate Epics.

  15. The daily objectives that yield instants are fairly common, and usually involve several crafting rounds in a day or sharing decks/cards to 'social media.'

  16. Still don't get why people keep using edited maps for "proof of Wyoming not existing". Makes absolutely no sense

  17. All political maps are edited. Very few borders or boundaries are natural, and none of "Wyoming's" are. The map presented here redraws the nation according to population in ways that makes more sense than Congressional District maps, and it's supposedly nonsensical?

  18. On my way to meet my bullies parents to learn the art of assholery

  19. And we all laughed. Including the FBI agent monitoring the conversation.

  20. Heck if I know man, I'd just as easily assume those are the kinds of classified records not kept in a hotel basement.

  21. this comment is a joke right? this comment is so fucking stupid i cant really tell if its a joke or not

  22. It's new card overpay. People will pay more because pegomastax is a newer card.

  23. You're getting something usable in a fish deck for a junk LimEpic. Worth it, but please crop names next time.

  24. Astrophysical Jet is a good, playable card in Space or Space Oddities and it's sought-after for fusions because it's used to make Hypernova. With 4 in my collection, I have just enough spares to put one up for trade or use one in a craft without having to worry about running out.

  25. Facebook forward this to Helen

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