1. HHC is about as potent or a little less potent than delta 8 from my experience. There is a difference in the high as well. HHC is more of a head buzz whereas for me delta 8 is more of a body high.

  2. It really depends on the what terpenes are in the delta 8. Some of the cannabis derived terpenes have a weed smell and will have a odor.

  3. Looks legit to me. I think in the earlier batches, they were using the rest of the plastic snap cases before they switched to boxes.

  4. These don’t have anything except potency labs from what I found on their site. Be careful man.I saw these at my local vape shop but I steered clear for fear of getting boof.

  5. A lot of people just describe it as diet weed. If you are talking to someone who is knowledgeable about weed you could say it’s a hemp derived cannabinoid found in trace amounts in weed.

  6. I would definitely take the whole 5 mg. If that doesn’t do anything you may have to increase your dose.

  7. You need a battery to vape the cartridge as well but assuming you have that you are good to go. 1 ml lasts a heavy user like myself 3-4 days.

  8. It is normal to have a wide range of experiences on edibles even at the same dose. I suspect that is because all the factors at play such as having/ not having a full stomach.

  9. It’s Closer to delta 8 than delta 9 for me in it’s effects. One thing I noticed though is hhc hits me in my head whereas delta 8 is more of a body high.

  10. I always salivate after a strong hit of d8/d9/hhc. It’s usually a good indicator.

  11. I visit NC often and always brought along delta 8 so this is a bummer. Where can I find more information about this? I did a quick google search but didn’t find much.

  12. Delta 11 in this case is 11-hydroxy-thc in all likelihood. I’ve never heard of a product marketed as delta 11 so I’d be cautious.

  13. Hey man this cart looks like it could be fixed with some heat. Bubbles are definitely normal in carts. If you get to where you can’t pull on it anymore try heating the liquid up with a hair dryer to make the liquid settle to the bottom.

  14. I don’t have a recommendation for carts but as far as the refillable devices go a lot of people on this sub are going to the Nord 4. It has a 4.5ml pod. One thing I do know is you need 1.2 ohm quartz rpm coils to handle the disty.

  15. Yes tolerance builds quick. If it took you 25 hits it may be a bunk pen or you could just already have a tolerance. Do you take other cannabinoids?

  16. I recommend you go for the same dose of 20 mgs. To me hhc and delta 8 are pretty close in strength.

  17. 20 mg is fine you’ll be alright. Eating/drinking delta 8 makes me have a warm sort of euphoria over my body. It may make you hungry and almost certainly will make you sleepy.

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