1. Ok! That kit never looks bad even in different Colors ! Def gonna get this and the pg unleashed of rx so i ll be able to live happier

  2. Can i trust stock x for kaws figures ? I know We CANT with sneakers now so im doubting

  3. i have conspiracy theory that kitty was supposed to get Qt' but they had to give Achilles something so they left it for Achilles because even the red doesn't match zest but does match kitty

  4. not easy to come by, they release more of it from time to time , gotta keep looking in specialized stores or exporting ones, I got this one in a store in my city but there are plenty of sites that carry and sell.

  5. Do you have any idea how the "goopimade" look is distinctly techwear as opposed to gorpcore ?

  6. I thought gorpcore was an aesthetic and techwear anything using technical fabric… so to me u can have a gorpcore look as a techwear fit … can someone explain the différence to me please

  7. Acrylic standoff/floating frames. The silver pieces are called standoffs.

  8. Urkel_13013 👍🏽 price on the website is 180 but dm me offer of 150 I’ll accept it

  9. Yes I sell mine in large for 150 if interested but only in Europe via Vinted … 2008 or 2010 can’t remember

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