Stop predicting mergers, acquisitions and other significant company announcements based on obscure tweets.

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On May 25th, 2022 CFTC Chair Rostin Benham and Sam Bankman-Fried hosted an official CFTC meeting inviting notable participants Citadel & Virtu among other high-profile market players. Here is the 5-hour video of the meeting. I plan to marathon-watch the entire thing & comment relevant timestamps.

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  1. Cramer confirmed MOASS Wednesday. Or at least the crash. “The fed’s decision on Wednesday could let the bulls party on”.

  2. Anyone want to have a water balloon fight with me? I found a bunch of expired condoms in my nightstand and don’t want to waste them.

  3. Ken must be internalizing the daily chat again. Volume dry af

  4. The only thing I've seen that is common across all 81 halted stocks is BlackRock having a position in them. When they were disconnected during those few first seconds, I think we saw the prices trying to get to where they would be without BlackRock's algos holding them where they want them. I don't think BlackRock is close to getting a call from Marge, but they have laid people off and limited withdrawals, so who knows what will happen when the crash finally starts.

  5. Jim Cramer did recently give black rock the kiss of death

  6. Inverse Cramer will always be investing strategy after MOASS. Easy money.

  7. What if it’s all a dream? Life is but a dream.

  8. That’s how it feels when you smoke too much weed. Nothing is real.

  9. Oh good. Here I thought I should stop smoking so much since I don’t take anything seriously anymore. Glad it’s not the weed.

  10. Someone tell me how many calls were itm at 22 I'm almost there

  11. The crash is upon us. “What a comeback for the mighty DOW. Really impressive” -cokerat

  12. Actually last earnings they did specifically mention acquisitions. The speculation isn’t baseless.

  13. Not to mention. The whole NFT marketplace started as pure speculation and look how that turned out

  14. The 3.0 motor is junk. Known for blowing head gaskets. My grandpa was a master mechanic at the dealership for 40 years. “Worst motor they ever made”. You’re better off 1 swapping the motor or 2 buy something else. The 22R motors are the best work motors. Maybe not the most powerful but they definitely can take a beating

  15. That's good info! I do like this old style though, It's just a fun work truck.

  16. The 22r is from 80’s and 90’s my grandpa swapped it out. They are junkyard gold. Gone as soon they come in. It’s the old school reliable

  17. I carried the 1 bro. The numbers solid

  18. The loss would accelerate faster than the gains is their point.

  19. Steve cohen is the type of guy to punch a koala in the face. 🐨🤛🏻

  20. So basically you’re saying CS is the best place to hold shares during moass. Got it

  21. Hindenburg’s business model is to find companies that are “dodgy” …short them… then once they have their position on, release a damming report to the public thus causing their shorts to go in the money… It could be about any company - there goal is to make it seem and sound as bad as possible.

  22. Turns out eating just over 2 pounds of coke isn’t healthy

  23. Lol classic fud. Claim to have lots of shares then bitch. Use a lame ass photo as “proof”.

  24. You speak like you've never dated the opposite sex. It's really common for the lady not to know where they eat and I have also known that most women like a guy to choose for them. So he may be a regard in stocks he isn't as regarded as you with women.

  25. “What do everyone think” hurts to read though.

  26. Me reaching 69,420 karma and the Cowgirls getting eliminated means MOASS is this week.

  27. Guess you’ll see if anything happens on t+2 Tuesday. likely they just FTD.

  28. Low effort repost from the gambling sub with a side of FUD. Fuck you OP.

  29. I noticed that too. Op also linked it in the daily too. Karma whoring.

  30. Why do I feel so numb and unfazed by anything I read these days?

  31. Shhh lemme tuck you in. Would you like another blanket? Foot massage? Glass of warm milk? Under blanket handy?

  32. Make sure you hydrate, eat and most importantly, rest. You have been working hard Welp. 🤙🤙

  33. Oh yeah. Paid leave for 2 months after beating someone to death.

  34. Now that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of