1. Was she in flower or a re veg ? I would let it dryback till leaves droop and water in some worm castings and kelp meal or liquid kelp and then do a normal watering after dryback again. Keep ph 6.5 and see what she does next week or so

  2. she was in veg before she dropped, do you have any recommendations for things i can use to measure ph?

  3. When did she start “dropping”? This plant has definitely been flowering for a little while. Do you have pictures of the plant from a week back? This looks like an issue that was on going and finally did your girl in. She wouldn’t look this bad overnight. To measure ph you need a ph pen/ph solution or ph strips.

  4. She first started dropping around a week ago, i can get a picture from around a few weeks ago but that's about it, i appreciate the tips

  5. Taking a doobie break from that rn bro, too high and not high enough rn to complete the task, i understand what i must do but i don't know if i have the weed to do it

  6. Alright, no worries, you did ask advice like 20 mins ago lol. Enjoy your smoke bro.

  7. Much appreciated brother and I appreciate the advice too, will put into motion shortly and ill try do it right this time 🤙🏼

  8. Bend those nodes create even light coverage for your bud sites

  9. Bro that's worth easily around 90 bucks australian around where im from, id say you got yourself a good deal

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