1. Well, the Raptors in Jurassic Park tended to work in a pack with very rare exception…but definitely the Pitbulls and even more so if they are 10 pups from the same litter because they’ll likely have grown up play fighting and would either rip the Raptor to shreds or make it run into the disintegration field

  2. Mad respect, I also personally love how you have Superman hanging from Lobo’s chain

  3. I can’t speak for those figures, but where I live the Hiya Exquisite Minis(I think is what they are called) are $24.99 in store and $24.99 on their website and after shipping and handling it’s cheaper to buy in store lol

  4. UPS isn’t always reliable with tracking info, however I’ve never had a package not arrive through UPS…late sure, not stolen or “missing”….fedex on the other hand is absolute elephant shit. If you can avoid it, don’t use them ever

  5. I’m not reading all of that, but major respect for the effort you put into it…that being said, Marvels Gladiator could probably pull off the ultimate victory

  6. I would argue that yes he would…my reasoning behind it is Marvel Studios wanted to make Thanos out to be devastatingly powerful, able to wipe out half of all life in the universe…so if the characters decided to go the nuclear route they would probably show Thanos walking off with a few scratches and cuts but otherwise unharmed…I’m speaking as if he has the complete gauntlet or even some of the stones. If he doesn’t have the gauntlet/any stones then he would need some major plot armor to show him being unaided by the gauntlet and still surviving a direct hit from the tsar bomba

  7. Then I would give it to Superman as long as Superman keeps vegetas blood off of him; I don’t think microscopic bits of kryptonite would have enough zing to them unless it got on Supermans skin

  8. Popeye hands down…and once popeye gets tired of dealing with the never ending army of Darkseid avatars he’ll go to apokolips and destroy that planet and then find the actual Darkseid and whoop his ass too….you don’t mess with popeye…dude was shown to be able to be disintegrated then nothing grabs a can of spinach out of nothing and then opens and eats said can of spinach(the nothingness does this) and regenerates popeye himself, arguably angrier than he was before…there’s no scenario in which Darkseid can win

  9. Tony, Dr. Strange Thanos and Spidey would be a problem simply because of their level of genius, that being said, a sayians only true weakness is their emotions which can be easily manipulated

  10. Well I would say that our Neanderthal would win the fight, stronger, built tougher and stockier meaning they can absorb damage easier than the fighter can

  11. Popeye adheres to “toon rules” and because toon rules are what they are any “toon” can beat any other character….besides…the most common and on the fence answer to any versus battle it’s all on the writer….even if we imagine the characters are real we still “write” the victory…Death Battle is as unbiased as they come and whenever someone says someone can’t beat Saitama for whatever reason they show their bias proving, once again, that it’s all on the writers

  12. I mean…he probably could, the sea creatures couldn’t do anything to him…his heat vision could theoretically boil straight down into the Mariana Trench and get Deep without ever having to fly down there and get him…but if Homelander is really after Deep then I would say that Deep wouldn’t be able to get to the Ocean before Homelander got him

  13. Everyone saying bears are canines they aren’t Canines: Canidae family Bears: Ursidae family Felines: felidae family

  14. The canines have bears dude. Tf is a lion gonna do against a grizzly bear.

  15. Canines don’t have bears….bears are part of the Urisdae family and “canines” are in the canidae family…they wouldn’t be in this battle

  16. I mean the fact that Superman has been brutalized before by enemies stronger than him indicates all it takes is a sufficient amount of force…but it’s also about superheroes so I don’t take too much with a grain of salt

  17. Anything involving fitness/sports Batman would probably dominate in and inventing/building new technologies(by himself) would be a big handicap for him; Alfred does most of the work on Batman’s gadgets and armor

  18. He’s able to bend the laws of physics for any projectile he launches…similarly to how Diego can control knives/projectiles in the Umbrella Academy

  19. Punisher stomps any of them in h2h, probably can win the espionage game but that's going to be closer

  20. I’ve asked this in my work friend circle and my friend circle and you are the first person to say Punisher stomps John Wick…I definitely think Punisher would wreck The Transporter, The Equalizer and Frenchie. I think John Wick Vs The Punisher would end in a draw honestly. They keep beating the ever living piss out of one another until they both collapse from exhaustion or one of them pulls the gun out and shoots the other dead lmao

  21. God wins both rounds, follow me here: God created the universe, according to the Bible, and he also created humans. This means that god created fate(preordained everything) Stan Lee was born from fate who in-turn created Marvel which then led to the creation of the Beyonder. So God wins…there’s also the logic of the “one-above-all” who is supposed to be the god of the marvel universe and he’s more powerful than the Beyonder

  22. If it’s a gadget fight alone, Tony easily, if it comes to hand-to-hand Batman-Tony knows how to fight, but no where near the level of Bruce…Bruce master EVERY SINGLE FORM of martial arts…Tony doesn’t stand a chance if Bruce closes in on him

  23. Yes he absolutely could, even Thanos with the gauntlet, the trouble he would face would be all of the magic users and magic based weapons so his only real way of winning would be to catch all of the magic users and magic weapons off guard…and Superman does have some smarts about him so I think he could work out who the magic users are-strange would be easy to spot, even without the third eye, Asgardians and Wanda might be harder to find out

  24. Thanos with the gauntlet and stones is basically the equivalent of Doomsday but with magic. Saying he'd sweep Thanos that easily is comical.

  25. Thinking that Thanos could react quick enough to a bloodlusted Superman is comical

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