1. Well when you get cheated on as much as she has I’m sure that didn’t mix well with prior insecurities.

  2. 803-212-6350. That is senator Greg Hebrees office ask for May. She works for him and is taking care of all the unemployment issues people have. She has solved 3 problems of mine in no time when once I waited over 11 weeks for my benefits till I called her. So I the same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago I am on peuc but my pua is open as well. I’m guessing after I talked to her she fixed it and the next day I was paid by pua. Pretty cool seeing I make more from pua than peuc. Promise you will not be disappointed she is a god send to us. Again her name is May. Sometimes they don’t answer leave a message and she usually gets back to you in no longer than the next day. When you leave the message tell her you are loooking to speak with her and explain your situation with your name and a call back number. You don’t want to talk to anyone else but her trust me lol

  3. Will calling there work if I am not from Horry?

  4. I’m sure if it doesn’t she can get you the number to who you need to call

  5. SC will stop participating in the federal program the week of June 26th, so you would have 3 weeks left. You have this week ending the 12th, the week ending the 20th and then the week ending the 26th. 3 weeks of benefits.

  6. I'm getting PUEC and am grandfathered in under the old rule that says I don't have to fulfill work search requirements. Does this new order mean that I will now have to fulfill work search requirements as well?

  7. Yeah honestly I’m so tired of constantly being let down by these politicians. It’s like okay we’re getting somewhere to make a change but then nah ya know? I mean I just moved from nc to Orlando and I worked really hard to save and take classes and make a change and I was hoping for this last little bit of a lifeline but I really hope I don’t have to work for minimum but it seems like there’s endless opportunities so I think it’s time to just move on and hope for the best. The Democrats have let me down and I think Bernie is the only one that sees how shitty the rich vs the middle class are.

  8. I mean wtf was all of that changing the language with machin holding up the whole bill if this bs was going to happen. If he was true he would be telling these Rs to cut the shit and do what was promised.

  9. You are the swine of the Reddit boards. I’m unemployed and I’m about to go enjoy my day with out bringing others down behind a computer. Go get a life pathetic losers

  10. Wow fuck them the governor looks and sounds so fucking dumb. Literally FUCK THEM

  11. Hey friend I got my return but they didn’t update the deduction for mine yet still waiting on that to happen I had taxes taken out on both ends so I’m pretty sure I should be getting another check

  12. Hey!! Yeah i actually didn’t amend it till they actually took the money out of my account so I quickly went to amend it that same day and this was a longgggg shot I figured it would take months to fix but they put the money they took out back into my account and now I have a check on the way. I gotta admit I’m a little surprised and impressed lol never in my wildest dreams I thought that it would be fixed that quick! Cheers!

  13. Yes! I really thought I’d never see that 600 again tbh and the fact it was fixed in a day was mind blowing.

  14. I’m so scared because I see people on the site get the benefits lowered when making a new claim

  15. I had a link that wanted me to file a new claim. Now reading what has happened to everyone I was skeptical so I went to my homepage instead to do my weekly claim and I did and I went back to the home homepage and the link was gone it has never reappeared again but I got paid so that’s all that matters.

  16. I've never done it before, tbh. If I do, is there a chance I'll quickly get picked up by one of the two searches?

  17. All you do is right after you file your weekly claim go to sc works and login go to the job search somewhere listed on the homepage. I work in restaurants so I put in bartender for one search and zip and then server/host/whatever for the other. That’s it it records the job search and it’s so easy but if you don’t they really won’t pay you and you won’t be able to fight it. It happened to me before

  18. Oh, it's that easy then? And it can be the same places to search for every week?

  19. So I worked and still have that job but I go weeks without working one day and I’ve never reported the wages. Would I be screwed if I upload that w2?

  20. What about free tax USA they haven’t issued anything about it..I filed right when I could like I usually do and ended up owing like 600.. it’s suppose to be taking out I believe April 15th out my account I really hope this goes smoothly

  21. No gap in nc or sc. feeling relieved bc when I submitted my claim there was a pending resolution that showed up at the end of the claim but wouldn’t appear on my claimant home page. Same goes for my sister in sc did the same thing so I was a little nervous. I haven’t gotten my deposit yet but it’s posted they paid so hell yeah it’ll be in the account by tomorrow no doubt

  22. Nc and Sc the balances updated!!! No boosted skips!! Most importantly no reapplying!

  23. I meannnnnn dems are crazy mfers I’m not dismissing the idea of another package. At least with unemployed lol I see the headlines now unemployment is at an all time high and it’s just going to be cut off on these folks! Haha at that time I would have already collected enough to get me through the winter so bring it on

  24. Can I get a read on who here has already received the stim check disbursement?

  25. I’m with wells and the irs tool says Wednesday. About the same time as the last

  26. But I was asked to verify with my id with I did but still no money was paid or got no balance

  27. It’s going to change. Everyone is currently in the same situation our dates have changed but not the over all amount. Be lucky you don’t have to reapply like some states

  28. But is it really compulsory I use any of my ID card cus others state don’t have to

  29. Actually most of the other states are doing it. I’m sure I’ll get one too but I had to do a verification also in December but they just wanted me to upload my id and social to my portal. Last week I applied for my bf and they made him do one right off the bat with a new claim. Basically what I’m saying it’s no big deal it takes no more than 5 minutes. We did it on a computer and phone

  30. A number of states have given guidance so far. So some of us definitely do know.

  31. I am not gonna go through a list of all the states, but

  32. Has anyone’s benefit over all balance change yet? My expiring in peuc but my pua is open still with a balance. I’m in nc it says I have about 6 more payments but my sister in sc hers says 1 more week and her pua is open with a high balance also. I’m just wondering do I get moved to Pua once my peuc runs out or they just get extended?

  33. Honestly I know a lot people are like are you surprised but yeah I fucking am surprised. This is complete and utter horse shit. People need this fucking money and idc what anyone says that mother fucker is no Democrat. You can’t have someone in your party that can completely fuck you over and still call yourself one of yours. I just don’t understand I feel so bad for us right now

  34. Right... Joe Manchin just Dicked every unemployed person in America with his massive concervacock

  35. Did need to do his daughter like they did hunter Biden. Fuck this SHIT

  36. he likes the punishment lmao you know that sucks they having to sit there for hours bc of one asswipe lol dems better have games on their phones

  37. Everyday since 11/15 I’ve checked my unemployment multiple times a day, countless calls, and way too much I fucking finally got paid. I thought I’d be more excited but I’m just so disappointed in the system. Hope others are as lucky as me today and put an end to this unemployment suffering

  38. I’m glad you got it. Now you can get all the cucumbers! Seriously though, I’m happy for you. I hope to join your boat soon.

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