1. well, there is people like you, "no brilliant".

  2. then why didnt the allies take neuschwabenland from the germans in ww2? (like fight there)

  3. Another incomprehensible non sequitur. Typical of your mental age. Toodaloo

  4. Except we retain that common sense even when affirming trans people. So again, there are no unique benefits to obsessing over trans people's sex. I will say, however, that you do lack common sense given you are undoubtedly delusional. Extremely detached from reality. You have absolutely no idea what being trans means.

  5. One time someone joined me and my friends discord server and my enbi friend told them they were non binary and the random person said β€œOh are you a boy non binary or girl non binary?”. Homie, that defeats the whole god damn point.

  6. I have cousins from all four of my father's siblings, one of them is lesbian, and I'm the other gay one.

  7. My name is "My" but idk if others see that as agender. I do cuz of its spelling.

  8. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but as someone who doesn’t fully understand this whole situation - aren’t β€œI” and β€œmyself” also pronouns?

  9. I said "Nougat". :l We all THOUGHT the same thing, but we didn't SAY it.

  10. I'm a bottom, but I use my hand, but I do it unconventionally, as in face down, pushing dick into a tuck, and rubbing it with the force of my weight against my hand and the bed. It HAS to be in a tuck, because I know no other way, nor prefer any other way...

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