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  1. You can pay 10 years of martial arts, then recover the money robbing people with that skill.

  2. It'd be easier to pay off a gun with robberies than 10 years of martial arts lessons... Just sayin

  3. This, death of personality is death, genocide is not ok just because you let someone else use the bodies afterwards.

  4. That's the same logic people use to avoid antidepressants and antipsychotics- "I'll be happy but it won't really be me..."

  5. Pharmaceutical treatment is not analogous, slightly messing with temporary chemical processes at a synapse is nothing like fundamentally rewiring the connectome.

  6. That's a sound argument, but it's not really replying to anything I meant...

  7. My min wage budget gets real hard to maintain if I do more than a pb&j, I usually just get a bag of apples and try to make that last a few weeks...

  8. Not in an obscene bulge kinda way, but those are some nice fitting pants. Damn near perfect. Maybe I do need to pay for tailoring...

  9. I too, like to start my day not drinking energy drinks... Just a little less messily.

  10. Are you in the US? the ADA clearly states autistic people need/are entitled to extra breaks when needed...

  11. Better than nothing but I'd personally prefer something like: our staff are human and get confused sometimes, and they react unpredictably to being bullied.

  12. The “Radium Women” who painted these used to lick the paint brushes before each application, and go as far as paint their teeth to observe the glow

  13. To be fair, their boss told them it was the best way to do it, perfectly safe, and glowing lips/teeth was incredibly fashionable.

  14. How many times has 'just a small flu' actually been COVID? (Or even just nasty bronchitis..) I'd definitely sit that one out...

  15. The store also has insurance that will likely cover the value of the stolen items and any damages that occured.

  16. Honestly at that level just don't take your stress out on anyone and you'll be aces

  17. The transitions are "oh wait I can do cool stuff if I'm in shape" followed by "all my joints hurt no matter what"

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