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  1. Was it a lady with a bad Diana Ross wig (Supremes era) and a white altima looking vehicle? Pulled out in front of me last week, going as slow as a turtle, and when I slam my brakes and swerve around her and turn into my street the psycho had followed me. I am a chick myself and just stopped the car and was on phone with a friend and she screamed and yelled and stormed back out of my hood. Be safe my friend. Find something else to do than drive in this city. Too many kooks.

  2. There’s this little thing called context, and your first reaction should be to check what someone could be alerting you to, not immediate anger for no reason

  3. I agree with you, but assuming people understand any of that is giving the general public a bit too much credit.

  4. God what a fucking idiot. As a Lyft driver, drivers like this piss me off, thinking they can weave like that, then they get into an accident and die.

  5. Poor guy. My fellow Halo fans I'm drawing a line between the toxic ones and the helpful, constructive ones. I'm disgusted with some in this community and you don't deserve the hard work 343i has made and given to you for free. Boo hoo you have to pay for cosmetics in a free to play game. You guys are destroying this series with your hatred and death threat nonsense.

  6. I remember owning the first game when I was a kid and loving it since I grew up with 3d platformers until that point, then I had a demo disk that came in a game informer and I saw a demo for "Jak 2" at first I was confused because I saw someone that kinda looked like Jak from the first game but with a gun, and I looked and DEFINITELY recognized that orange guy aka Daxter. I was kinda shocked with how dark the tone was, and I noticed the "Teen" rating, and my kid brain didn't know what to think, so I tried it out and it had all I liked from Jak 1, but edgy guns, so I was really interested lol.

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