1. soft spoken people, both men and women

  2. Ink mines actually kind of lit. Some of y’all just need to actually learn to play your main weapon instead of maining your sub weapon.

  3. I’m a jr player, what is this “main weapon” you speak of?

  4. Aside from the ones that I have been assigned to take from doctors, none

  5. I’ve thought about it, but it just seems like it would be hard to explain to people. I’ve also thought that I could be genderfluid as I have continuously thought about how much I’d like having shapeshifting powers to try being a girl at times, but that just seems like so much work

  6. thanks, I’m just trying to figure everything out..

  7. I don’t, most people were surprised when I told them I was bi. That might be a result of me having a preference towards girls though

  8. tell him he looks cute or handsome (depends on the guy which one to use)

  9. i mean artemis feels like atleast a close second no? in the fandom i mean. personally i feel that hermes is by far the most attractive, maybe in the whole game, barring perhaps hypnos and chaos

  10. Artemis is super cute, but I wouldn’t call her sexy

  11. it’s not most, those are just the people you hear about because they tend to be really vocal about it

  12. ok anyone want me to fix their problems ? 😳

  13. you have to get permission from the people you're trying to send them to, otherwise don't send them

  14. the next smash game is probably gonna be a port of ultimate with all dlc and a few new added characters if they make one

  15. saying Bard can take mandate is like saying shaco can take moonstone... they can build anything they want and it just works.

  16. Yeah, except mandate is actually one of the best choices on bard

  17. Just accounts filled with nudes and asking for them on porn subs

  18. casual clothes that are not super revealing (a little bit is fine, but too much is kind of a red flag to me) also leggings

  19. not an egg, just really want to be in a relationship where both people aren't that masculine

  20. damn now i'm questioning my gender again

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