1. Servicecosts would cover regular maintenance of a fire extinguisher; not the usage.

  2. How many people at the company have the same or similar role as you? Do you have a rough idea of age distribution amongst people in similar roles? Have you been at the company longer or shorter than most of your peers?

  3. This job might be if interest to you; doesn't look like it requires a healthcare registery, but does require English skills.

  4. This is right up my alley, thanks! Any particular way you found this job? Any key words when i look in the future if this particular job doesn't work out?

  5. Dschentelmenn 🎩 a schort vjü 👀 bäck tu se pahst 👨‍🦳 ßertie 3️⃣0️⃣ ijährs ago, Niki Lauda tohld 🗣 ös: "Tek a trändt 🎓 mannkie 🐒 pläs himm intu se kockpitt 🏎 änd hie is ebel to dreiw se kar 🥇" ßertie 3️⃣0️⃣ ijährs leter Sebastian tohld 💬 ös: "I hädt tu start 🏁 mei kar 🏎 leik ä kompüter 💻 Itts verrie komplikätet 😕" Änd Nico Rosberg ßedt, äh, hie presst 👇 düring se räs 🏁 Ei dont rimember watt räs 🤔 se rong bötten 🔘 on se wiel 🎡 Kvestchen for jü 👉 tu boß 👱‍♂️👱‍♂️ Iss Formula 1 🏎 dreiwing tudä tu komplikätet 🤷‍♂️ wiss twentie 2️⃣0️⃣ änd mor böttens 🔘 on se wiel 🎡 ahr jü tu mötsch önder effurt 😤 önder precher 😖? Watt ahr jor wisches 🧞‍♂️ for se fütscher 🕑 konzerning teknikel 🔬 programm, ähm, düring se räs 🏁? Less 👎böttens 🔘 mor 👍? Or less 👎änd mor 👍 kommjunikächen 🗣 wiss jor endschiniers 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧?

  6. Dat is het punt dus, Breda is 40 minuten met de trein dus ik moet de hele nacht blijven

  7. People are on a waiting list over here as well and it’s expensive.

  8. They should be relatively fine in Limburg though, the situation there is not nearly as bad as the Randstad

  9. You would be a type of 'laborant', it depends on your speciality what would fit best.

  10. In your contract are there 2 lines with numbers, which add up to your total rent, or a single line which isvthe rent you pay? In case of the first situation she has thd right to increase the utilities, but you have the right to an exact accounting at the end of the year. In situation 2 I am unsure what is legal.

  11. It depends on the wording in the contract. If it mentions an all in price she is not allowed; but if it mentions something along the lines of 'service costs are included in the rent', then she might be allowed.

  12. No. If the utility costs aren't specified specifically she cannot raise them to meet her costs.

  13. The utilities covered by servicecosts need to be specified, however it is not required to specify in the contract what the amounts are.

  14. My father famously incorporated the word "gangbang" in a Sinterklaas gedicht about kitchen towels for me , so I see no issue with this.

  15. Het lijkt me dan ook een prima idee om wanneer je geen loonsverhoging hebt maar wel inflatie, als werknemer alsnog inflatie "toe te passen":

  16. Ga je dan ook 10 procent meer werken als je 10 procent loonsverhoging krijgt (en de inflatie meevalt)?

  17. I was curious with this situation, does higher consumer credit make credit card companies, or banking, a “good” stock option? What other factors would be a negative? I assume banks have much more to consider economically, but it seems like a no brainer to buy into say Visa with debt creeping up.

  18. The envelope literally contains nothing on it except words "aan de bewoners van dit pand" - no address, no company info, nothing. Even my address isn't there.

  19. The best way to handle is, is to cross out your address, write 'retour afzender' on the envelope and drop it off at a mailbox.

  20. He put it in italics, so guessing they would serve high quality Italian Espresso and stuff.

  21. Stop genocide! Er blijft op die manier niks over van onze afzetmarkt!

  22. Het leest natuurlijk een beetje raar, maar toch zou dit met de beste bedoelingen gedaan kunnen zijn.

  23. If Russia democratizes succesfully, shouldn't it be up to the people to decide if they want to stay together or for some regions to gain independance?

  24. Nazi Germany was less than a century ago, children of people that died during the holocaust are still alive and Neonazi group are still active in many coutries and Jews are still persecuted.

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