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  1. Omg mommy indeed. Real talk though idk what's been going on with reddit. It seems all the subreddits have just been put on slow mode. It's super weird. I thought I was the only one that noticed. Glad to see I'm not

  2. THIS! I think ever since the new guidelines were out or updated, subreddits in GENERAL became super slow and less people interact with thme. Its wild. From getting 500-3k upvotes to 50-150 is WILD

  3. Do you have a premium snap lol I impulsively spend so I don’t do OF I spent way to much on there than I should at one time 🤣

  4. No sorry! Only when I get a new phone :c

  5. Yep!! I just take awhile to catch up sometimes due to work 🤍

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