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  1. My greatest struggles with writing, and really anything, have always been with perfectionism and fear of criticism (assume a background of psychological abuse).

  2. Afshhh- Every single time- yelling grows distant and increasingly indiscernible

  3. Having an undiagnosed BPD mom is so detrimental I can't even begin to fathom it. "You can't live with her, you can't live without her" has never been more true. If they were a total narcissist, leaving them would be easier. However, my wish to stay friends with her good side is equal to my wish to leave her bad side. And it seems I can't have both come true at the same time.

  4. Of course you won't because we would never tell you

  5. I was scared and crying at a very young age. I don’t remember exactly why, but it seemed to be something about the closet. Maybe I thought there was a monster inside or smth. My mom go really pissed off and smacked me and pulled my hair, yelling at me to stop crying and that there was nothing there, and cussing me out. She then proceeded to violently push me into the closet and lock me inside…

  6. Thank you! I’ve been so angry all day, frustrated by the idea that mother’s are supposed to be “superheroes” and that mine was the villain of my story. And all the happy touchy-feely stuff is… well, I love that others have had happy childhoods and good moms/parents… but…

  7. Reminds me a little of my choreographed dance scenes when I'm listening to music. I'm such a good dancer in my imagination

  8. Same! I love to pretend I’m a rebel superhero sometimes when I listen to Alan Walker and One Repub!

  9. My comfort imaginary world and characters change all the time. Sometimes they’re original, other times they’re made up of characters from existing franchises. ~Right now, my comfort world is sort of an Invincible AU. But more like me projecting and changing the characters and universe to suit my needs. 😂

  10. I know it’s technically not food, but warm chocolate milk is probably it for me. XD

  11. I love how he looks in this, it’s making me wonder how the show would look if it was in this more cartoony art style ! This is great stylization c:

  12. Thank you! ~It took me a long time to get my style to where it is now :’D

  13. The gameplay was really confusing for me as a 10 year old or so. Also, the music when switching to the dark realm was horrifying when I played at night in the dark. :’D

  14. Yes! Spyro 2 may have been one the first games I ever played, but DoTD is probably my favourite Spyro game ever! (And Skylanders is pretty fun too despite it’s bad rep) I honestly wish the studio in charge had had enough time/funds to polish the game and story more. T-T

  15. I thought I was the only person in the world who did this. 🤣 I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one.

  16. Hi, if you can get yourself to a safe space, please do. A threat is a threat and abuse is abuse. My mother behaved in a similar way when I was growing up and this behavior is straight-up mental abuse. I am very sorry that you are going through this. Here is some info for you. Maybe it will help you understand what you are dealing with a little better.

  17. God. It’s so hard to not feel sh*tty about yourself when raised by narcissists. I know I need to learn stuff on my own, and I’m scared to. And my mom’s response is basically, get over it, we all did it too. It’s so hard to not be cynical when surrounded by bad people. I just wanna be good, I wanna be useful, I always have. But now, they suddenly want all this sh*t from me and all they do is complain and tell me to get over it. They don’t even let me lock my bedroom door…

  18. Me when I imagine up an entire book trilogy in my head but can’t make a sentence when writing it down.

  19. Sh*t, they know too much! *yeets self into a garbage can and closes the lid*

  20. I’m backwards. 😂🤣 Got too many ideas and can’t write very well. I don’t have any advice cause I’m still learning, but I wish you good luck my friend!!!

  21. Well spoken my friend. 💯👌 I agree and am personally a big fan of slice of life. It’s just kinda boring to have a show where you don’t even know the community, they’re just… there. I think getting to know the “little people/characters” in the show really gives life to it and brings everything back down to earth, so to speak. Instead of “oh no, apocalypse and lots of people die but we don’t really care.” It’s why I enjoyed Spider-man: Homecoming so much. Just a teen trying to survive and protect his hometown. That whole chill plot with slice of life characters is really common with spider-man and is a big part of what makes movies like Homecoming and Into The Spiderverse so popular.

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