1. DoomSlayer, he actually can play doom 1 and 2 in Doom Eternal

  2. Gohan has ridiculous speed, he should be able to kill Thanos before he wears the gauntlet or even realizes he's dead.

  3. Granola's wish was to be the strongest mortal, Broly is a mortal. Vegeta was able to give Granola a fight and managed to scare Gas away, he could definitely defeat Broly with some effort

  4. I never said it was easy, but if Vegeta can take damage without died, he can win using Final Flash in the face of Broly

  5. A1: As soon as he gets the technology to travel and adapts it to his suit he should be able to go and shoot the death star with missiles or something like that

  6. Except it doesnt change the present, so when he comes back everything would be like the same

  7. True, i dont remember that. Well, he can repeat round 1 but with iron legion

  8. Hokuto No Ken, man i need to see more about Kenshiro breaking heads

  9. Fox Xmen win. Quicksilver gets the ball and no one touches him. Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde are icing on the cake.

  10. I have no idea, but I know that Victor/Cyborg was a semi-professional player, probably the only one who knows the rules and isn't committing fouls every second.

  11. Personally, I wish they would use the design for Gohan Beast, some kind of artificial form of the SSJ created by Gohan to match Goku and Vegeta. Something like SSJL but without losing your mind

  12. Seeing as no one mentions it, I'm going to clarify a few things about that design:

  13. I think we'll finally see Beerus take on Frieza or give Vegeta some intensive training. Maybe letting Beerus take care of the army and watching Vegeta reach a level similar to Frieza, and defeat Frieza. Finally we will see Beerus going to hell and erasing it with a hakai, but not before seeing how he crushes Frieza and remarks how enormously powerful the gods are, especially him

  14. hey dude, welcome to another round of "uhh, in the comics batman killed an almighty god all by himself"

  15. Exactly what is stopping Nappa from just throwing up his fingers and destroying all of Konoha?

  16. It's an autoimmune disease, so I doubt a conventional, albeit super strong, immune system could do anything but delay the inevitable a bit longer.

  17. Spider-Man has a somewhat low regenerative factor, let's just say he heals from bullets and broken bones in hours

  18. R1, R2, R3 and R4: Goku has massive AoE attacks. He could just spam solar system level attacks and lay waste to billions in seconds. When you've reached a point where you've cleared out the nearby population, simply teleport to another group and continue.

  19. No idea, but at least I'll meet my father and grandfather. The only thing I know is that I have 3 paternal brothers

  20. I saw the movie yesterday, but Piccolo says that Pan is stronger than Kid Gohan, the same Gohan who casually destroyed a mountain with a headbutt before training. She will survive with a scratch

  21. Taking into account the manga and the last movie, Gohan would be cornered, Piccolo would end up sacrificing himself to save him, the almost lost from universe 7 should awaken beast mode and then just win. Manga Gohan can defeat Kefla 50/50, but in beast mode Gohan is a monster same as Goku UI

  22. Well, Spiderman really has nothing that can stop him permanently, but he could knock him out with one blow. Wolverine could sink his claws into Peter and kill him really easy, but only when Peter got tired and made some mistake

  23. While not exactly a similar, this would basically be the fight between Goku and Vegeta on equal terms and without a tail.

  24. Nah, T800 is dead or lost. The T800 will be able to take on any unequipped human and some weak monsters, but when it encounters a bad level or a really dangerous entity it will die. He could also just be stuck at level 0 until he runs out of power

  25. I don't see how he gets out, but I doubt anything in there is much of a threat to him.

  26. I want to believe that the excessive amount of hair was because of the art style, I trust that they will eventually reduce the size when the manga/anime adds it

  27. I'm out of date on Halo and Predator, but the only thing that stopped the Predator from slaughtering Dutch was his code. The elite could just pull the trigger and kill them

  28. That's fair lol, thoughts on predator Vs the elite?

  29. Same, while the predator will play tag and try to pick a melee fight the elite will just shoot him on sight. The Predator has a chance if he leaves his code aside

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