1. Are you re(my karma coach has informed me not to finish typing this word)

  2. I personally fucking hate them, what is the point of the same joke over and over again? At least make it unexpected by not naming it "thing status"

  3. The point is clickbait. They're just using hentai for clickbait then the Vergil or Armstrong stuff as an alibi to claim it's actually a meme.

  4. If you use TikTok, you don't deserve rights. Unless you are being ironically critical of it, as seen above.

  5. I think DMC3 has significant problems, especially in the second half with enemy encounters.

  6. He is focused, invested, and fulfilled. That's pretty damn happy.

  7. His life is full of music meaningful to him and his culture; undeniably based.

  8. I have a friend that doesn't know this and he HAS to have an opinion on literally every single news article. Like bro shut the fuck up.

  9. Your friend really wants validation and is likely very insecure in himself.

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