1. websites will probably have it, also i believe channel 4 has an app that can be used in the us

  2. I am trying to register with All 4 to download app, but it keeps rejecting any address I type in.

  3. Use a VPN and go on channel four’s website, or pirate it and find other ways to give money to the creators (eg merch)

  4. I have my VPN set to London, I changed my clock to London time. and I have filled out registration for the All 4 app up to where you enter an address. I have tried several London addresses and they get rejected. Do I have to have a name that matched the address? Or is there something else I am doing wrong? Thank you!

  5. Link to short story “Speech Sounds” by Octavia Butler:

  6. It will be public soon enough! - I have a few more plans and additions, but I totally plan to make it public so people can copy it to their Google Drive for use... I see AI like MidJourney to be all about the collective creative hivemind, so tools like this should be public as well.

  7. You want a bell shaped one normally for this, but honestly, it doesn't matter as much as the skirt section itself. Hers is bulb shapped, which is done by having the bottom hem and the top, smaller in diameter than the rest. So basically, you take a rectangle, and gather the top and bottom to be less wide open. I'd say if you HAVE to pick between those 2 petticoats, the first one might be better, as it's got more poof to it, even though it's not actually bell shaped, because the poof of it will help make the skirt section bulb out more.

  8. Thank you so much! Your detailed advice is super helpful! :)

  9. I have run ENA prompts through DALL-E mini a few times but the results were just okay. I can only get ENA and sometimes Mooney, and I haven’t been able to get good backgrounds yet. I am beginning to think DALL-E mini is just too limited. Have you had a better experience?

  10. I have tried "Mooney" multiple times without success maybe being more specific with the prompt would help to get a better result, but I doubt it because I've already tried things like "Mooney joel-g"

  11. I am happy to supply said children with guns, knives, and nunchucks. Just let me know.

  12. I have never had a refund without a dispute. Unfortunately, sellers are often dishonest (at least based on my experiences). I would highly recommend you open dispute.

  13. Glad you like them, I post my best generations on insta if you're interested

  14. These weren't made using a prompt they're variations of original images

  15. Oh wow, I had no idea! It’s pretty amazing. Did you use umami’s images or your own art? Are you going to do more?

  16. Nah, it's just something that Midjourney spit out. That's about as high resolution as it gets. If you want to print copies of it, by all means. You'll want to find a way to upsample it to 300dpi though.

  17. WTF — The OP post itself is cringey lulz but watup with all the homophobes in the comments? Are they being sent here from

  18. From the film trailer, it looks more like a roaming herd of Mister Noodles that have mysteriously taken up residence on someone’s ranch.

  19. Hey there Night_Manager! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  20. Sure! I bought it for a friend but she bought one in the hub, so now I am reselling for what I paid for it.

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