1. If you just want to Copy your media, you should use PlumePack ! It's a freemium plugin for Premiere Pro we are developing at Autokroma. So you will get more features and a better disk organization based on your Premiere Pro Bins Structure !

  2. Just tried plumepack. It only copied about 10% of the necessary files.

  3. When I use "Collect & copy" in the project manager, does the generated .aegrahpic file include all the necessary files it depends on? Or is it possible that it depends on some files that are somewhere else on my computer?

  4. I can't find an option to import the .aegraphic file in Premiere '22. Was the option removed?

  5. You need to import it from the "Essential Graphic" window (Top Menu -> Windows and select it to make it appear)

  6. It should be copied with all the files it depends on, except installed fonts.

  7. I suspect an importer / exporter issue linked to your AVI file codec.

  8. Hi ! Do you still have the issue ? Which plugin are you using for decoding BRAW in Premiere Pro ? There are 2 different ones : the free Blackmagic Plugin and the paid BRAW Studio Plugin. You can check difference between both

  9. You can also do it with PlumePack and trim your files so the transfer should be quicker (unused frames are removed, but media keep their exact quality, codec, metadata : there is no re-encoding in the process) !

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