1. It's forgotten because it wasn't very good and no one wanted an origin story about Han Solo

  2. That's the biggest thing about Solo. It's not necessarily a bad movie, but it doesn't really do anything other than give a visual for things we already knew about. We know he met Chewie at some point - didn't really matter how. We know he won the Falcon - didn't really matter what it looked like.

  3. The Golden age of YouTube was a wonderful thing to behold! Salad Fingers, Old Greg, Unforgivable, Bad Lip Reading, Countless Ukulele covers filmed on a shitty camera…good times

  4. This is one of those things I'll brag to my grandkids about and they won't give a shit; they'll just wheel me over to the window to watch the birds while I sundown alone.

  5. I mean you shouldn't boot your kids either lol Dad joke nailed it

  6. I don't know how to explain it, but I'd trust any smokes Cogsworth would endorse.

  7. I’d bet it’s Lumiere that has the good shit though.

  8. I really don’t understand how they can take these pictures, upload them to the internet, and then go about their day as if they didn’t just embarrass themselves online

  9. He doesn’t seem embarrassed. You seem embarrassed for him, which is different. Let the man be.

  10. The Chevy interview never should have aired.

  11. I genuinely think Chevy is losing it. He flipped every question into an attempt at a joke - I really don’t think he remembers anything and just tried to spin it.

  12. Mark Ruffalo sighing in acknowledgement

  13. I always feel bad for Mark Ruffalo in these posts. The man did nothing wrong.

  14. Almost every single piece of footage I have observed of the man suggests to me that he is of well below the intelligence required to hold office. His dad, on the other hand, was sharp as a tack, and a dangerous man.

  15. I love how you bounce around various conspiracies like it’s common knowledge when it’s a perfectly simple task to just point out that W. was a war criminal.

  16. We did, we just made fun of “old dudes” who still wore shorts like that. Now, those shorts are back in style and we’re the old dudes because our shorts are all long and lame. The wheel of karma never stops turning

  17. “These kids look like IDIOTS,” I say, staring out the window of my mom’s house wearing a fresh set of JNCOs, an Atari t-shirt from Gadzooks, and a ball chain necklace. It had been raining earlier and my Jinks are soaked up to my nuts area.

  18. Just an absolutely ridiculous tattoo in every way imaginable.

  19. Yeah, there's a lot of hate in here. I don't particularly get it, but I'm probably not supposed to. I think it's dope.

  20. Someday I'm going to get "Leviticus 19:28" spelled wrong, in comic sans.

  21. For what it's worth, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a fun watch (I watched it with my son, though). It's more teenager-centric, but there are some genuinely spooky parts.

  22. Poltergeist and Poltergeist II both scared the crap out of me. The former was PG (would be PG-13 today) and the latter is PG-13.

  23. Poltergeist is the first "real" horror movie I let my son watch (he was 7, I think). It's simple enough to watch without really understanding the mechanics of it, and scary enough to be scary without gore or anything extreme.

  24. And the Northern Panhandle of WV is north of the Mason Dixon line.

  25. Northern Panhandle resident here. Culturally, this part of the state might as well be Pittsburgh. There's some "southern" influence, but it's radically different. The cost of living is super low, but the average household income is much higher than the rest of the state.

  26. Growing up around nothing but asshole bigots like in that video(I’m from Southern MO) I’ve always loved when he goes after them. He barely has to do ANYTHING and he can get them to whip off their hoods and put it on full display. Bonus is that he makes it hilarious as well.

  27. That's the fun part. I live in West Virginia, and it's so easy to set these people off. All you have to say is something like "Hey, at least the price of gas has gone down" and sit back and listen to a six-hour diatribe encompassing parts III-VIII of their anti-Biden manifesto.

  28. YTA. Amy set a dress code that is a direct retaliation to her upbringing, knowing that you probably wouldn’t abide and she’s okay with that. Let me repeat that: she’s okay with her parents missing her wedding. I strongly suggest that means you probably aren’t as chill and accepting as you claim.

  29. Jesus Christ is kind of an everlasting gobstobber, now that I think about it.

  30. Days from the dissolving of Soviet Communist control, the full collapse was a few more months away.

  31. Coworker Frank to Uncle Frank. Best twist I didn’t see coming.

  32. One and done. Neither my husband or I have any interest whatsoever in having anymore kids. Im an only child and my husband did not enjoy the chaos that came along with having multiple siblings. After having our first everyone’s natural follow up was when is number two? Our response is nope, one and done. We both knew right away after our first and we support each other in that decision.

  33. Another one-and-doner here. We had always planned on two, but the first pregnancy was a difficult one. Once our son was 4, we made the call and I got snipped. Best decision ever; I love being able to focus on just one kid.

  34. According to next week's leak, I have been cast as Reed Richards.

  35. He's not right for Reed, he seems like he is, but he's not. A mistake they make with Reed is that they make him too stoic, shy, and somber. Which to be fair, is Dev Patel's bread and butter. That's not a good take for Reed, plus they've tried it twice on screen and it wasn't anything Amazing.

  36. It was boring to get through, I honestly doubt itll be remembered like treasure planted and atlantis mostly because nothing really interesting happens in the movie

  37. We took my son to see it opening weekend. Literally the only reason we saw it was because my niece and nephew were with us and were too young to sit through Black Panther.

  38. It’s not a knock on him or his career, but sometimes I feel like Garrett Morris got screwed. Sadly there are a lot of people that think Eddie Murphy was the first and original black guy on SNL. It seemed like he’s been forgotten in a lot of ways, and I cannot recall anything substantial that he’s done over the years. He was recently on the Fly on the Wall podcast, which was nice to see.

  39. He was just on the Fly on the Wall podcast and talked about how he was basically just the token black guy during his run. He told one story where an unnamed writer (it was Al Franken) told him he couldn't play a doctor in a sketch because black guys can't be doctors. I think he really got shit on during his run.

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