1. I voted “enjoy poker” until I read the comments and realized how stupid that is

  2. I don’t mind trades or anything, but do we really need bench players or head coaches? If you’re not actively answering questions, you don’t have a team.

  3. I guess I’m out of the loop but who is Gia?

  4. Expenditure this month: €114.5M

  5. It’s June 11, I’ll give you one guess. And it rhymes with fought slayers

  6. Caught bears. Spent all his money on picnic baskets and tranquilizer guns

  7. Again, if you have 50 guys starting out, you can only sign 25. So at most you’ve got 75 without any graduating seniors or transfers.

  8. Which is why I said…. It would take 5-6 years minimum? And I said they’d be there if they didn’t fire David Beaty and hired a horrible coach after?

  9. It wasn’t officially a crime, but we signed a guard (Kyle Bosch, out of St Francis I think it was) who did some pretty bad shit and was thrown off his football team in HS.

  10. I went to a football camp at that high school about a year after he graduated and remember the o-line coach essentially just referring to him as a terrible person, very curious to know what he did.

  11. Like 1980’s high school movie villain bullying basically. Like beating the hell out of kids for fun.

  12. Mahomes is closer to being the greatest QB ever than second best QB in the league. By a large margin

  13. Well we could have Jim Harbaugh at head coach, Mike Hart at RBs coach, Mike Elston at DL coach, Grant Newsome at TEs coach, Ron Bellamy at WRs coach….

  14. First off, which level are you buried on the depth chart on? Freshman, JV, Varsity, FrSo? Are there multiple guys ahead of you in the same class?

  15. Oh dude relax. You’re a freshman. Pay your dues, just listen to the coaches and you’ll be fine. If you’re the top guy in your class, the coaches can already view you as a guy to lead the program for at least a year.

  16. IMO the whole twitter culture of constantly talking about Bets, parlays, etcs are making it seem like betting is more widespread than it is. I think people like talking about betting, but I don't think they care as much about actually betting. Which is objectively a good thing

  17. I’m in a competitive picks group chat and we closely track our records.

  18. I’m mid to late 20’s and I’ve run in circles that have been casually sports betting for almost a decade now. Most of my friends that are addicts have had accounts on offshore books for awhile and the legalization hasn’t done anything but bring their bets to casinos

  19. Our OC usually scripts the first 3 plays. Not sure he’s ever gotten past that.

  20. So on my current save I took Kidderminster to absolute insane glory. After 25 years felt super bored and left. Ended up at Oxford City and 7 years in I’ve gotten promoted to the Vanarama National League and that’s about it. I love it. It’s hard sometimes

  21. I’m assuming it was a typo, C and V are right next to each other

  22. I’ve got sources that are telling me they’re expanding the tunnel for the sole purpose of adding a cornucopia of hand to hand weapons that are placed there after the game

  23. He’s my fav pod host but I guess we can disagree

  24. Multiple things can be true. There are insufferable douches that do things really really well like Bomani (also bill simmons).

  25. I’m going to go out on a limb and say 30% of all blue chip players are in that small circle. Maybe more

  26. Feits is gonna have a blast in the Blue Light District

  27. Every Arizona fan looks exactly how you’d expect an Arizona fan to look

  28. These analysts don't have anything to do with parity. Guys like Pollack at least try to take things seriously and back their takes with evidence, whereas Desmond is just "muh feelings." Desmond gets clowned on, and rightfully so.

  29. Alabama and Clemson were closer to making it than Nebraska and Texas A&M lol

  30. He didn’t pick Nebraska. And congrats, you want everyone to pick the same four teams!! No room for fun! Highest playoff percentage on game day!!

  31. Nobody. I hate Ruiz but I’ll never hope someone loses their job, that shits lame as fuck.

  32. Well people take sports very seriously and BS would never take it as well if it was reversed. Good thing his teams have won so much

  33. Yea but at the same time, the Sox and Pats were fucking dogshit loser franchises when Bill started getting big, the Celtics couldn’t stop having promising young stars die, and the bruins played hockey.

  34. Pay Lamar and let’s get nuts. Can they go 17-0 with an average point diff of 25?

  35. 7.5BB is an insane opening size. If you open to that size, you have to narrow your opening range a lot, which means you lose a lot of EV from hands like K2s on the button which you can (probably) no longer profitably open.

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