1. Pretty sure this is accurate even when you count 2004 too

  2. Maguire keeps being called also because our cb options aren’t great anyway. Our wing options are insane so really doubt Bale would still be called up

  3. Not even a meme, Dawson could play in CB for England

  4. I'm pretty sure that was the most added time of any world cup game ever

  5. Is 14 minutes the longest injury time ever for a world cup game?

  6. You dropped this with no context like wut

  7. Lol I am up to the bit where he talks about not compromising his morals. Being a rapist is a low bar

  8. Crazy only now United fans say that

  9. That is bullshit, many people have always said it

  10. Yeah they just never had united flairs

  11. Who said he was suspended without pay? Not even the paedophile working in my local Greggs is suspended without pay

  12. Maybe you should leave your job at Greggs then

  13. It was nothing too bad, he just called me an Indian. I am used to seeing that shit as an insult on Twitter, just not on reddit.

  14. Why though? Just because of your username?

  15. I doubt an Iranian would know who Bumrah is, he probably went to my comment history where I talked about the Indian National team

  16. Fucking hell that's even more pathetic lmao.

  17. Croatia. Lived in England for a while and unfortunately West Ham got under my skin and not Chelsea or some shit. Life.

  18. I was born in East London to Cypriot parents. I'm a West Han fan. Also support Greece in internationals (even though they never qualify).

  19. Scamacca Italys main forward not up to it lmao

  20. If you've read up on the trial, it might paint a different picture. I'm not saying he is innocent, but purely based on evidence and testimony given, so far I see a not guilty verdict.

  21. Elaborate please? Asking genuinely where can I read up on trial?

  22. I'm on mobile so it's a little bit difficult to link everything piece, but the most damning testimonies happened about a month ago re: Saha. The common theme amongst the testimonies is that either the victims lied about one detail (usually the amount of people they admitted to having consenual sexual intercourse with) that throw the whole testimony into question or they were all willingly at the location in question (Mendys house) in numerous occasions before and after the alleged rapes.

  23. You’re making lots of sense. We bought them because they’re good! Let them play that way! Yes.

  24. You day thay as of they've been playing the way they've been encouraged to in the past.

  25. Dildo and porn baron money is good money

  26. Actually cried during his speech. Club legend and one of the greatest of all time

  27. West Ham fans know this pain with Mark Noble 😔

  28. I hate saying this but realistically you cunts are still the biggest club in England just based off your last 30 years and how ingrained you became worldwide.

  29. West Ham is the Best (Ham) club in England

  30. I can't believe Bssi84 prefers Bayern' Logo to West Ham'

  31. Only one team that matters have won every game though 😏

  32. Only one team that is massive has won every game though

  33. Second biggest digital screen in Europe

  34. I never thought I'd see Slovan Bratislava win a European group.

  35. Well done! Hope we get to play them* in the final

  36. Our 5th string youth team has outperformed our starting squad away from home against the same team

  37. You're not wrong, but she most probably doesn't know this if she's doing this. It would take a journalist/human a minute to explain it though, but that wouldn't get clicks..

  38. I mean.. I'm 30 and I wouldn't know this. It seems unreasonable to expect a 90 year old to.

  39. Feels like a repeat of every game we've seen except somehow this is the best performance of the lot..

  40. Ref and De Gea won United 3 points. Respect

  41. The ref and De Gea keeping united up 3 points lmao

  42. United have really gotten away with this one lol

  43. I feel better with Areola than Fabianski and that's not an insult to Fabs

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