1. I spent too many years like that. Over the last six months I have let my SO know that I am done.

  2. As did most of the world. Take the tin foil off.

  3. Quite simply the best response to a dumb comment I’ve ever seen. Tip of the hat to you Mr Gandhi!

  4. I love that you solved this with math!!! (I'm a bit of a math nerd)

  5. That’s the spirit! Sad as you are, it’s surprising how healing good sex is.

  6. Happy Cake Day! I live right up from there and haven't ever really been there. A good friend is moving a block away though, we'll have to come check it out. I haven't sung karaoke in forever though.

  7. Can confirm. Super friendly place where people ACTUALLY talk to you even if they don’t know you.

  8. Nope. Unless Joe is a super handsome 61 yr old.

  9. My wife stopped allowing oral sex of all kinds, including me giving to her. She stopped this about 20 years ago. She literally didn’t even look at her vagina. She said it was “gross”.

  10. I did. Told no in July. I was asking because she had not had sex with me in five years. She asked for a chance to prove herself. She was granted till Thanksgiving.

  11. Yes, well, that and YUM! and Texas Roadhouse being headquartered here probably plays a role, too. That and Papa John's started across the river in Jeffersonville (but they moved the HQ to... Atlanta? I think?).

  12. I do love this post. No nonsense babe here!

  13. Same boat, except sex with husband is amazing, we are best friends, but his lack of drive, willingness to do any work (for pay) to help support our family, help our kid and better his situation. He always says he will, but we are in the same stuck boat we’ve been in for 15 yrs.

  14. Similar but not the same here. My wife is literally one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen. She turns heads everywhere we go. Beautiful face Good body….. but as she shared with me years ago, she thinks she is asexual.

  15. Depends on what you’re looking for in an AP situation and what your availability is when you’re in your town. I would never even look for an AP in my town- it’s not a megapolis, and chances of running into someone I know are huge. I travel for work and looked for an AP in one of the cities I traveled to. Found an awesome long-term AP. It worked for a few years. If I were to look for someone again, it would still not be local for me.

  16. I agree. I like the safety of distance. I can live in two different worlds.

  17. Literally our former President said that. And then…got elected.

  18. Trust me on this: Sales Professionals. (not clerk at a retail store)

  19. I have known you are an alpha for a long time.

  20. I think you’re missing the Pinto this could’ve been something garbanzo.

  21. Has it come to this? Mainlining baked beans?

  22. Yeah, I tried it, wasn’t for me, I’m selfish!!! Learn something new everyday!!!🤷🏽‍♀️😁 Thank You so Much for being kind! Happy New Year!!! 🎆🎊

  23. It isn’t for everyone. It’s my impression that it is driven by something missing in your marriage. It usually (not always ) is someone wanting an affair…then finding someone.

  24. Haha!! I could definitely say the same about LL women who have husbands with a HL who desire them all the time. I think "omg what a waste, I'd love that". But the truth is that society teaches us that men are supposed to want sex all the time and women aren't so that scenario is easier to wrap your head around.

  25. Lol. My wife dipped out of the LL category because it left the crack in the door just a tad too open for her liking......and she has announced that she is officially ASEXUAL!!!

  26. Oh wow. So then are you opening your relationship? Because you are NOT asexual right? So expecting you to live as one is not reasonable.

  27. I am actively doing so. I suggest a beautiful woman such as yourself do the same.

  28. This is a totally inappropriate response....and I love it!

  29. Although it is a guy with a less than kind SO....I love hearing this. Making your SO comfort you because of an AP is sinister, manipulative and FUCKING DELISIOUS!!!

  30. I don’t know. I would like to know why she cheated. Sometimes a SO nearly forced you to cheat given how they treat you.

  31. Ouch. This is why I remain without an AP. Thanks for the reminder of just how great some of you Reddit men can be! 😉

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