1. Why did it get nuked? Are people spoiling it or something?

  2. About ~5% are people who hate The Last of Us Part II who are intentionally referencing some spoilers. A lot are people thoughtlessly posting (or incidentally baiting) game spoilers, and the rest are comments obsessing over a gamer community that has nothing to do with

  3. People discussing television in the television subreddit is bad? Are there any specific posts you have an issue with?

  4. The question is whether it’s actually people at all. The

  5. It's hard to "do more" in a way that is easy for me to process the results at scale for thousands of entries, especially as it concerns any free entry responses. What specific suggestions do you have?

  6. It just seems to me people are acting like billion dollar corporations are making shows out of the goodness of their hearts. Yes, they have marketing and social media teams and they want people to watch their shows. If you truly want to be anti-capitalist, then stop watching television. Or pirate absolutely everything and never buy a single piece of merchandise, and when you pirate, don't you dare say a good thing about what you watch to anyone ever, lest you spread good word of mouth that makes someone else spend some money that goes to Disney or whoever's pockets.

  7. Nothing is stopping other posts from being submitted or is crowding them out. You can scroll the subreddit for less than a minute and see everything that's been posted for the past 24 hours. It is very easy to stay up to date on everything that has been posted here.

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