1. YES! Also amongst. I don't hear amongst very often, mostly whilst, but either one makes me irrationally angry.

  2. the original-british-in-america phrase that drives me crazy is someone saying “an historic event.” I had a headmaster who used to say that (very American) and I wanted to smack him every single time. The ONLY time you should EVER use “an historic” is if it’s in a super British accent: “an ‘istoric event, innit?” because they pronounce some H’s differently

  3. They managed about 4 years last time they tried it, and about 10 years the time before that. Following that pattern, it'd be either 2 months or -6 years next time...

  4. I don’t understand ronlugge’s /s, is the sarcasm them saying that “Texas’s military forces” (which obviously don’t exist and good luck organizing and funding a Texas army with no federal welfare handouts) are going to be even 1/100 as intimidating as the United States Military? Is the rest of the United States, which is equipped with the 17 largest military forces on Earth or whatever, supposed to be scared of some Texan Y’all Queda insurgency?

  5. To be fair that sounds like one of the most starstruck things I could possibly imagine someone doing lol

  6. I came here to link the very same blog post. It's so accurate it hurts.

  7. This is one of my all-time favorite articles, ever since I read it 3 weeks ago because of a reddit comment lol

  8. Let's just all agree to not do a world war, again.

  9. Unfortunately, the last time there was a world war, 99.999999% of people had said the EXACT SAME THING following (checks notes) the horrifying world war a few years before that. Then you add a failed art student and a psychopath emperor and here we fucking go again.

  10. Richest disclosed person in the world. I've read that the true richest people in the world are those who essentially own entire countries - the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is said to be a trillionaire along with a few others who are in nation-ruling positions of power.

  11. Yeah, at a certain point — especially when you’re talking about kings and dictators instead of the Bezos/Musk/Gates of the world (whose measured wealth comes from the stock value of the company they founded), their “dollar amount” doesn’t even matter anymore, and isn’t a good metric.

  12. Big Bang Bank interest rates were historically low.

  13. oh god i don’t even want to check. I got hooked on this shit as an extrovert forced to stay inside without social interaction during the pandemic and now…

  14. I literally bite my tongue when I talk to people to keep from doing this. It gives me time to think if what I want to say is relevant or not.

  15. Yeah, it’s tricky because having ADHD does NOT excuse anyone from trying to learn how to be a good listener, which is one of the single most important skills you can ever learn.

  16. something about this two-comment exchange is the most satisfying thing I’ve read all week lol.

  17. Italians hate this one simple trick!!

  18. Anti pasta breaking people are just being pretentious for literally zero reason lol. It doesn’t even make sense why they’re so mad about it, given that they can’t remotely explain why besides “because that’s how it’s done / tradition.” But they will die on that hill.

  19. In 2003, I hit another car because my friend in the passenger seat shrieked and I looked over asking "What happened? Are you ok?" and missed the driver in front of me braking. My friend was just on their phone and got some startling news.

  20. My friends will jump on people for looking at their phones while driving, assuming that they are texting, but search Spotify endlessly for that perfect to listen to while doing 70 mph in rush hour traffic.

  21. what’s amazing to me is that while it’s mostly frowned upon to use a portable screen device while driving your car, all you have to do is permanently mount that screened device to the dashboard and sell it as part of the vehicle and suddenly it’s 100% okay

  22. Don't look up Richard Jewell and the 1996 Atlanta bombing. They even made a movie out of his story.

  23. 12 hours? Brad pitt can get a piece of steel through his shoulder and he can just pull it out and keep going

  24. it always depends on the movie! the physics don’t have to be true to life, they just have to be consistent. Breaking bad treated Hank’s wounds realistically and everyone thought it was boring lol

  25. Comparing to best weekend vs. opening weekend, it's 12.6x.

  26. Their tactics should be regulated somehow. Give people some space it’s ridiculous

  27. They should pass a law in California where you are legally allowed to punch one paparazzi person a week, assuming they stalk you, scream at you, and invade your personal space.

  28. Everything is the same but instead of 10 people it’s ~150 for my department. ~650-700 company wide in the field which includes multi family and different states.

  29. OP, this might be stupid to say, but I’m fucking proud of you. You gave them fair warning, stuck to your guns, were assertive enough to look for a better offer, nailed the interview etc, and left the old, shitty company.

  30. That’s just how things are. We get hung up on seeing the world in a particular way based on a 30 or 50 or 70 year old sliver of history without taking it into overall historical context. There is no such thing as nonempirical progress. There’s just cycles.

  31. one of the craziest facts I ever learned about climate change is that 90-95% of total emissions happened after the premiere of Seinfeld.

  32. The most worrying thing for me (aside from climate change, which will 100% end in a giant war before the end of the century that dwarfs all others, absolutely guaranteed) is that in the grand timeline of history, we basically invented nuclear weapons last week.

  33. Just how Goebbels read Freud's warnings of authoritarianism as a how-to manual. Funny how psychologists stopped reading/understanding Freud, and now we get a chance to learn it all over again. The hard way.

  34. Is there an article that explains this that isn’t some ridiculously unreadable psychiatric journal? I had no idea that’s what happened

  35. Looking like a CEO is the #1 requirement of being a CEO. They all look, dress, sound, and act exactly the same, because being a CEO who represents a huge company is all about image, which they all understand extremely well.

  36. How can I be more likeable at the workplace? I do tend to interact and am always friendly with my colleagues. Do I need to go to after-parties with my manager? (Cause I don't drink so i usually don't take part in that)

  37. I mean, reddit won’t tell you this, but if you’re trying to climb the ladder, why in the world would you not go to the work parties? I’m not admonishing you, you shouldn’t have to, it just seems like a complete gimmie. Out of the sterile office and into “real friendship” (even if it’s not real), you can be seen in a totally different light. At every job I’ve ever had, everyone was invited to the parties, but at work there was a solid center clique — made up of all the people who actually attended the parties.

  38. The lies about "grooming" and gender-affirming care are also just a new version of

  39. I said this throughout all of 2016, to a bunch of other Americans who didn’t believe me: the reason both parties “aren’t the same” is because under one of the parties, sure, things might not get any better. But under the other one, you would be SHOCKED by how quickly we can lose all the rights and privileges we ever took for granted. A society can backslide into fascism within a single political generation.

  40. Why does it have to be this or that. I care about the environment but fuck that was some cool shit too.

  41. No, people just understand that pyrotechnics are a drop in the bucket and banning them would not help the environment. No serious analysis of greenhouse gas emissions is going to even bother measuring the impact of airshows or Rammstein tours.

  42. Redditors are in shambles over an art piece that is 0.00001% as destructive for the environment as a BP oil spill lol

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