1. Same thing happened to me when i saw that post. Figured it must be something to do with the algorithm and them paying for placement right against certain types of posts (if reddit ads even work that way).

  2. You would think that it would allow for blocking, otherwise aren’t they wasting their money trying to shove an ad down people’s throats.

  3. Given Egypt's reputation for sexual assault against women this is like a zebra strolling into a lions den and not expecting a problem. I really hope she has protection out there - those were more than just stares, shes being hunted.

  4. Your point was pretty clear to those of us with reading comprehension skills.

  5. Yeah I dont get why that user was being so difficult about it so i just stopped trying. Not about to stoop to their level.

  6. I too appreciate Mazda 3s that have turbos

  7. This study didnt find anything new that we haven't already known since the Jack Welch GE era (1981-2001). They showed you can absolutely screw your workforce and theyll (the workforce) largely just keep comming back. Other large corporations took note 🤷🏽

  8. The complete lack of self awareness is mind boggling. One giant run-on sentence and they expect people to want to work for them?

  9. The connection is actually fine for ATL most of the time although arriving at noon on departure day does mean you dont have the luxury of a leisurely pace once you get off the plane. But as others have pointed out, getting from FLL to Port Everglades is really easy

  10. We're actually sailing out of Port Miami, NCL chose Fort Lauderdale airport over Miami presumably because it was cheaper

  11. Idk if thats how this subreddit works yo...

  12. Try Bravo in the plaza at the corner of Gatlin and Port St Lucie Blvd

  13. When the two cost the same all in, 100% ill chose the all inclusive resort. Land based resorts and hotels generally have larger more comfortable accomodations - its what theyre good at. The main benefit of Caribbean cruises imo is supposed to be the generally lower cost coupled with the ability to sample multiple destinations in one go. $1600 pp for a Caribbean Cruise on RCCL is steep if only talking a week. At that price point id do something else as well.

  14. Also a facepalm is that 29% of the audience got it wrong. Everyone just gets dumber every year.

  15. The line looks operational. You sure its not just out of service currently vs defunct?

  16. Woah...this show actually has one of the highest success rates of the dating shows out there. Even in the crazier later seasons and spinoffs.

  17. Lucky she didn't blow a hole in someones chest accidentally given her finger was squarely on the trigger the entire time.

  18. I remember how blue the sky was that day too. The smoke from the attacks was like fresh blood on white linens.

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