1. I find any dollar store is a great place to get boxes for the holidays but not sure of the fit for blu-rays though

  2. Fye is really the only place to walk in and get Shout/Scream Factory Titles with slips but no guarantee they'll have Krampus

  3. I was waiting for someone to run this poll. There's been so much discussion around the movie and no one just straight up asking if you've seen it. I have not. I planned to at some point and following the Sight and Sound poll I guess it moves up the watchlist.

  4. He likes the whiff of sexuality from spiritually thirsty women and it's all tied in with food somehow

  5. You know what's remarkable? If you take everything Jesus ever said, add it up, it only amounts to two hours of talk.

  6. Yea but didn't they say the same thing about The Beatles

  7. Benny Safdie's quote on his list "This is both a snapshot of where I am today and also what I think will stick with me forever."

  8. To omit the Coen's is criminal but I also think they just have so many damn masterpieces it's hard to pick just one.

  9. These lists are more about the current time period than the actual history of cinema. I believe Vertigo was not as well received when it first came out. It was people like Scorsese pioneering it when he was coming up as a filmmaker and all his contemporaries agreeing that it was a masterpiece. And then came the resurgence of it.

  10. Hitchcock didn't so much like it and locked it away for a long while. It was on Eric Rohmer's 1962 S&S Poll 4 years after its release and definitely on others as well. It not being well received is a bit of a myth. Maybe not in the US but US film criticism before the French New Wave was kinda bullshit anyway. And it wasn't Scorsese pioneering seeing Hitchcock as a great filmmaker and Vertigo as a great film, that's on the aforementioned French men. Bazin, Chabrol, Rohmer, Godard, Truffaut. Rohmer and Chabrol I think wrote a Hitchcock book in 1958. Back then in the USA Hitchcock, Hawks, Sirk and most of the great directors were seen as merely entertainers while I believe people like Wyler (yawn) were all the rage.

  11. I've had Jeanne Dielman on my watchlist for a while now and after today I definitely need to check it out. I don't have the Criterion Channel but this and many more are also available on HBO Max which I do have so I will be watching.

  12. My first thought seeing the list and the large amount of Criterion films represented was are these on the list because of Criterion and that because of that company so many of these films are readily avaliable

  13. Hmmm Godfather Part 2 is no longer on the list? And neither is Raging Bull?

  14. Not super surprised on Raging Bull. Of Scorsese’s 3 generally agreed upon masterpieces (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas) Taxi Driver generally gets votes for its impact of culture and, in what I’ve observed, in the past decade there has been an increasingly consensus that a movie being fun to watch doesn’t mean that it’s not great (which benefits Goodfellas). While all three could make the top 100, if one wasn’t gonna make the cut than Raging Bull didn’t have the momentum on its side.

  15. If I were ranking them I'd go GoodFellas, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and they'd be in my top 25 maybe even top 10 greatest films of all time so not seeing Raging Bull make the top 100 when it was 53 last time was surprising

  16. I don't log anything on Letterboxd unless I've just watched it. To log on and give 5 stars to something I maybe last watched 5 years ago just doesn't make sense to me. I have very strict rules about my Letterboxd but for no other reason than I'm a nut lol

  17. Idk if you just got a bad deal but the edition with the full slip box was $43 American from VS directly.

  18. It's not just a rarity to get the slip from Amazon I believe they are always exclusive to VS website only

  19. This one is more on brand for me than the critic's choices

  20. Dickie’s twin was the biggest fuck you to fans. Not one mention of him during the show

  21. It wasn't Dickie's twin it was Dickie's father's twin

  22. what’s up with them and bialys, i never knew anyone who ate them that often

  23. I heard the hooker he was with got it in the chest must've been silicone everywhere too

  24. I don't think the callers are real at this point. They're back office people or someone like Mike from Maine or Apples or Rooster who won't ever do anything controversial because they are told not to or they wont get their 15 minutes of fame.

  25. Cunnilingus and psychiatry is the show's tagline far as I'm concerned

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