1. That's awesome I wish I would have said something about the purple pineapple i got a month ago

  2. You people constantly try to bash this man and get shut down every time. Personally I can't wait until Jones fights again.

  3. I feel like I really pissed 2k off because all game modes have been godly good cpu or delayed movements online with constant fouls and glitches as I shoot.

  4. You are right and thanks alot for saving me the headache

  5. Minimal living Amazon employee: you like it fresh eh? Bet!! Trying to live good hello fresh person: uhh this isn't what I meant.

  6. Hooters. I wanna see some big ole DDs dead ass in the center of the ring.

  7. Yup, you all are right. I don't care. I'm ready to see this man fight.

  8. Galenas is far from best and at this stage yes better than klutch. My go to is buckeye relief over everything as of late

  9. Buckeye Relief has the absolutely best blueberry ever! The GMO x Blueberry is the blueberry 🐐

  10. Agreed the Farkas farm is fire as well. I didn't get lucky enough to snag any of that gmo blueberry definitely looking for it tho

  11. Careful… she most likely identifies as a woman which makes her a woman.

  12. The amount of down voted for your comment baffles me. Stay true friend.

  13. I hated on klutch after being a loyal customer for almost 2 years. Then I made the same mistake thought I'd try them again and it was horrible. I too am done with klutch. Such a shame because before they started this crap they were top notch.

  14. I was gonna grab this but I couldn't find out if it was indica or sativa anywhere

  15. Do you guys not see the literal footprints made of ice?

  16. I won 9 straight before I seen a ring, then another 8 before I got mine. 2k cares more about winning than I thought I did.

  17. Not trying to knock you pal but you definitely were doing something wrong, I've never had a problem with them.

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