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  1. Big Big Train “English Electric”

  2. Agree they are too bland and don't have that x factor most of the time they play solid rl with some creativity and great mechs, but they don't have insane popoff due to their controlled playstyle

  3. Lmao, you must be kidding. Go back and watch some of the goals they scored in the regionals.

  4. I said most of the time and i said playstyle They have mechanics to go for moist style but choose to play controlled and lose that creativity

  5. Don't understand why GenG would have better odds than KC. Just doesn't make sense.

  6. Whether NA is competitive due to NA teams or EU and SAM imports is irrelevant. The fact is that this is probably the first time NA Swiss is tougher to get through than EU’s.

  7. Are we talking exact same roster or not?

  8. In terms of beauty, it's probably the Ahmad 0 second redirect against G2.

  9. Nothing wrong with reshade. Just makes the game look better. People need to stop being so dramatic.

  10. I assume most of the answers will be S5 or S8 Worlds, but I gotta throw in a mention for the RLCS 2021-2022 Spring Major. Absolutely stacked event, with some crazy upsets and an insane number of game 7s on the final day. And of course the incredible lower bracket run by Moist, with some of the most scripted series we've ever seen.

  11. That London was the best for me too. Some incredible games and atmosphere/emotion was amazing too!

  12. Happened to me recently with Marillion. Used to find their music boring, but love it now.

  13. Over-hyping teams that are blatantly average (fan service) e.g. SSG.

  14. Why not just get better at playing, rather than relying on s*** talking everyone.

  15. I get around 20 always without fail. So not the servers. Must be you.

  16. Disagree. In my experience NA players are mostly scared. In EU players are ultra aggressive.

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