1. I have Valeria as a potential surprise. She has been having an incredible success lately … turning pro and winning 3 pro shows in just a few months …

  2. I love her too. But her recent stories make me a little bit unsure about how she'd place. She speaks about what motivates her, and that seems not aligned with what bikini is looking for (she's too muscular, her posing too theatrical, etc.) she acknowledges all the feedback, but said trying to fit into the bikini standard dims her fire (or something like that). She wants to be herself on stage, which I fully respect. But whatcha gonna do if being yourself is in conflict with what the judges want..

  3. Yeah I saw that story as well and was pretty surprised that she came up defeated. She also said to someone who had her winning that it would never happen and that even top 10 would be hard to reach for her. Such a weird mindset …

  4. Yeah … OP missed a few lines doing the collage. A few other competitors are missing from that list

  5. Valerya’s physique is out of this world … first time I heard of here was very recently when she won her pro card. Thought she would make it to the O. There she is.


  7. I also saw that … but I didn’t find anything about Steph bribing her daughter. The report says that she actually went to law enforcement after her daughter told her about the mollestations …

  8. So something else is coming up... Maybe I'll do some cardio this week after all.

  9. I think the person wanted to mention fiercefitsteph who is a woman physique competitor.

  10. Also when was asked in French what’s her opinion on the drama, she blatantly dodged the question saying that she makes her own opinions with her own eyes and that people should do the same.

  11. I heard this as well. I don’t want to give away too much and alert the party involved as to what’s coming. They all probably already know by now since word travels fast (it being posted here as an example). What I heard was separate from the Aldo/Lauralie drama but I guess it intertwines some. I heard it about 6 weeks ago. Waiting for the bomb to drop but it hasn’t yet.

  12. Imagine Aldo telling LL give me your phone and forcing her to let him take a picture of that and post it. You can see in the reflection him taking the photo. Smh. Also James is disgusting and has a GF

  13. This is probably what happened !!! But I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Allison picked him as a coach after that …

  14. We don't actually know who Allison is referring to. She didn't mention any names in the voice message, right?

  15. His name isn’t mentioned but context makes it pretty clear. Allison asked LL is the « person » mentioned I the conversation knew she was going to sue him.

  16. I have to say when I saw Lianna’s pics up close, I gasped. I LOVE the black bikini. I know judges sometimes don’t but I think it a fire look on the right girls!

  17. I love it too. I remember when India was the only one able to pull it off. Now there are 3 girls in black in top7. But hope the judges change their mind about this color cause it looks great

  18. I don’t think she can enter top5. I love her physique but there are better physiques than hers and the sport has become ultra competitive

  19. I do like Alexandria in general, but I can’t lie, I’m surprised to see her get top spots so often. Am I the only one? I haven’t seen her posing in awhile but last I remembered it just didn’t really have much flow. And she seems rather narrow in the shoulders? She obviously has a great physique in general but something is just off to me that always has me a little surprised to see her at the top. And maybe I’m wrong!

  20. Agreed. It's a serious allegation and extremely hard to verify without witnesses speaking out or police records (which I assume would never be shown on social media if they did exist, for obvious reasons). Shawn's friend asked James to stop dropping his name. So I suspect we'll never really find out.

  21. I know! That actually makes me nervous. Like what if he got really upset over this situation and hurt her physically. James put out text messages of LL talking negatively about Aldo too.

  22. Yeah … I also thought of Aldomino reaction after seeing old LL texts complaining about how bad he was treating her …

  23. Just to say all this means is that the screenshots were taken in December of 2021. It says nothing about the actual dates of the text. it doesn't actually prove anything cuz I could report whatever I want to the coach I'm trying to get rid of right before a contest just to avoid drama and confrontation. Of all the accusations from James this was probably the least credible one.

  24. Yeah ! And also excited to see Elizaveta. She has good momentum and is probably hoping for a qualification

  25. Oh yeah … totally thought about that as well especially since he was or currently is in Florida and did some kind of seminar at iron university.

  26. We all could tell that she needed someone (a man) to take care of her and provide her with a place. I also thought she was kind of a victim here, being treated like shit by this Aldo douche. But I had no idea it would be that bad … having people pay for everything, including her coach … asking for a refund for a 15 doll snack.

  27. This is just crazy. Not even excited for the event. The giant list of shows providing qualification for the O is out of control.

  28. I wish there were several Ashleys …. 50+ athletes and still counting at the O … Ashley alone is not enough for quality (and quantity) control

  29. I am rooting for LL. I have always been a fan of her physique, stage presence. Never been a fan of Jen. She has a nice physique but I don’t like the arch of her legs and her posing is meeeeh.

  30. I don't like him or his methods but he'll get her to place higher. He and Victoria will clean up her posing (which is too much and distracting) and he'll probably downsize her in some areas. He always says he loves to 'recomp' some high level athletes so he will do just that. Also, do you guys think she usually comes in too lean/hard?

  31. I am really curious about the posing thing. Allison is a posing coach for a living and she seems to be really proud of her posing style. I wonder how she will be able to accept (very much needed) criticism about her posing

  32. This is more noticeable for French speaking people but yeah she does blow people off when she gets questions / comments she doesn’t like.

  33. Really interesting to read through this post because I have been a loyal customer for 7+ years back in the days where Ashley was an ambassador.

  34. So excited to see Allison testu esp after making improvements, her front pose (at least on Insta) looks absolutely insane

  35. Her IG front pose is always looking crazy good but we’ve noticed how she looks different on stage, even though she looks great on stage as well … I’ve noticed that she always uses her bikini bottom’s knot in her pics/videos to give the illusion of an alien like waist. The knot is always covering part of her waist

  36. Yeah and it kind of works because she is talked about a lot. Even Adam during his Arnold UK recap spent a long time commenting her physique even though she finished 8. He didn’t even comment about 4 and after.

  37. I love Anya and respect her a lot for her grit and just her dedication to fitness/coaching. I mean, my voice sounds higher pitched in a more casual/chitchat setting than like sitting at a meeting table trying to narrate something more factually. I'm more so surprised by how much her face changed. Her jaws are so much more prominent. Maybe it's just because as you age you lose fat in your face?

  38. Same as you but when I pointed the jaws transformation of some girls last week, including Anya’s I had quite a few people coming at me here … and reading the comments on this post it feels that the vibe has changed on this sub

  39. 800 cal 1500 cardio cals … « mental is really god and love the suffering part » … Well James must have put her on good stuff …

  40. This is a realistic example of what an ectomorph who is natural but trains looks like in my opinion. She never had a ton of density but was just lean enough for definition to show. Bikini has trended toward larger and denser physiques, and I do think less and less natural girls are on stage now, so the difference in look is increasing. Plus I do think her natural body type is more ecto than mesomorph or endo. I am probably less of an ectomorph than her, but I do relate a bit…even at my least lean in off season, I get comments about being so petite or tiny.

  41. At the same time I remember her during her off seasons from the last few years and her physique back then had nothing to compare to her physique now. She was way curvier … nothing extreme but looking at her now knowing she used to look totally different ( at least 20 pounds different) . So having that in mind makes me also wonder if she is ok.

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