Two pitbulls attack a cat

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  1. I'll dm the address for mine it has a story

  2. What story? How the f y’all find these places

  3. What’s more surprising is they are running this live chat functionality out of the downloads folder 😭

  4. No one cares. People pass away all the time. Some of the people that pass away are x100 better humans than him.

  5. She rejected so he asked her bestie and she said yeah lmao there is a second clip the next day

  6. You do realize UK, Australia and Canada have more or less the same free healthcare system?

  7. Could be rephrased as, do the muslim descents of the formerly India and thereby Mughal empire, consider the Mughal empire (An islamic empire over the India partition) be considered their ancestors empire? What do you think?

  8. Like your parents sibling uncle or random uncle?

  9. In the past you had to pay taxes on them. Now there is no limit since you have to pay to get them unlocked. So you can bring 2000 of them but they won’t work after 30 days and you’ll need to pay duties if you want to put a sim in them.

  10. So a 40 year old man goes up and pushes a kid.. The kid talks shit back and is clearly upset. Why is that arrest worthy? Seems like once they see the footage he will be released.

  11. So let me get this right. Army people spend their whole life serving their country and not being able to express political views. The finally retire and are able to do so, and its wrong and fuck them? What logic is this? They are now civilians and have every right to talk about politics.

  12. I’m not really sure why you’re lying to the people trying to hell you. You have fat under your chin, lots of it. There is absolutely no way you have abs.


  14. There are no abs. You seem to be sucking in but still no visible abs

  15. I fucking LOLD. He insulted us and thanked us.

  16. Yep, my quote was 33K + 3K hospital fee (euros).

  17. I am strictly talking about Ghunda ghardi culture. One of my relatives is a doctor and they tell me that people involved in fights who got shot or bludgeoned show up pretty often accompanied with their 'men'

  18. Karachi is the hub of ghunda ghardi culture. There are more gang related shootings there than anywhere else

  19. They are in jail bro. There’s videos of them being circulated on FB as well as news channels

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