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  1. Feeling bad is the enemy. In order to do the dishes you must maintain a internal peace, a pond that resists distractions.

  2. Yeah having your mother tear your down will make it difficult to have positive self talk to stay focused.

  3. Food journal. I have leaky gut/confirmed wheat antibodies. So covid could have not only caused damage to your body but also your gut bacteria, digestion, and immune system.

  4. I may have been sensitive to wheat before, but never to the point of my face peeling + extreme neurological affects. Depression, paranoia, fatigue, suicidal ideation, emotional liability...I felt terrible.

  5. Yep. Covid and vaccine .Never had my face peel Before from wheat or had severe neurological side affects.

  6. I'd bet all wifi extends 60,000 feet in the air, but it would be too weak for standard equipment to utilize.

  7. I took the wheat zoomer blood test from Vibrant health. I tested positive for wheat specific antibodies.

  8. Self-satisfying assholes, you say? How do I get mine like that?

  9. No I meant how do I make my asshole self-satisfying

  10. Pretty sure they still have (or had) an episode of Disneyland that features known Nazi Wernher von Braun. Can't say I'm surprised that morality is not a top priority.

  11. If you take Aspirin you're supporting a Nazi Company...or if you drive an Audi...or wear Pumas or Adidas...

  12. Well aware that Nazis had quite a bit to do with modern inventions. And that plenty of people participated. Still not giving him a pass. Glad he helped us with our rockets. Thats great. I'm not going to excuse someone being a part of the SS (even if it were just so he could work on rockets) and receiving the Iron Cross. He still did quite a bit to help the Nazis. Your achievements don't excuse everything else you've done. Not sure why I'm getting flamed for my disapproval of a fucking Nazi. "I give him a pass for being a true nerd" Jesus christ

  13. being a member of the United States of America means acknowledging we can argue on reddit while 50% of the world starves to death because we decided military and economical conquest of the world > feeding people.

  14. any chance I can see face pics? I want to compare rashes. I took pics from sept-dec of last year to document mine.

  15. Wheat gives me insomnia now, even organic.

  16. Got my wheat zoomer test. I have antibodies that cause inflammation from wheat. Maybe covid caused it or made it worse. But eating wheat fucks me up with mental issues and serious fatigue. Skin issues too.

  17. I had to stop eating wheat. I had lost 15 pounds, face peeled up/rash. Mood and energy is better now.

  18. I have cut way back on gluten and I do find that helps with skin issues, like eczema, and I have more energy. It hasn’t seemed to be as much a culprit in my stomach issues but I’m sure it wasn’t helping either.

  19. Just got my vibrant health wheat zoomer test back. I have antibodies that cause inflammation from wheat.

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