1. You've obviously never had a chronic illness or disability.

  2. I say this as someone with a physical disability and a chronic illness, yes it does mean OP can't do it and it's not a choice, but that doesn't change the fact a child needs more than half an hour a day of hands on interaction time and sleeping side by side. This isn't a good situation for anyone, most of all the baby. The time limits, the physical limitations are valid, but children can't just be plonked in a crib most of the day during the time they should be introduced to the world around them, and grow up healthy people. It's going to impact words being picked up, motor skills, reading skills. The implications go further. Is the baby being left in soiled nappies until OP can get up and change them? If OP has a siezure are they lucid when they come around enough to tend to the baby's needs?

  3. She is planning to bring a child into this world that she is not ready for and not ready to take care of.

  4. A child that will likely have learning disabilities, to boot. Not even good financially stable parents are ever prepared for that.

  5. "Why is a store specialising in selling old left over product not selling fresh products"

  6. Is that really what they do? I don't know much about TK Maxx, I just thought it was like a less posh version of Next or something.

  7. Their business model is entirely about selling end of line products that mainstream shops don't want taking up space any more

  8. Well I never knew that, but now I do know, that makes sense! That's how a lot of market stalls work, with overstock and end of line warehouse floggings.

  9. I've had 3 orders cancelled last minute but luckily I wasn't making any special journey to get them, I was on my way home from an appointment and the times would have matched up perfectly. Then the one time I got stuff from greggs it was just a sausage roll, a steak bake, a doughnut, a couple of biscuits and a little fairy cake. Yeah it was a lot cheaper than what I would have spent on that stuff but it's not something I'd go out of my way for to fill in shopping.

  10. You put it on bacon sandiwches and sausage sandwiches, you can put it on omelletes, eggs (especially poached egg on toast). You can put it over potatoes in a dried out stew. It's amazing on cheese on toast.

  11. YTA there's letting a kid help when the kid is actually helping, when it was becoming a hinderance and clearly holding up the queue that was your cue to take over. And considering self checkouts are going to be here for a while, i'm not sure your thought process behind "teaching" him anyway. Where you taught how to do the shopping when you were 7? I thought most of us just learnt by watching our parents not having dedicated lessons, or learning when they're old enough to shop by themselves. Young people adapt as they go, they learn as they go. It's the older generation that struggle to adapt to new tech. I think this was completely unneccessary,

  12. NTA. I'm disabled and would have been even slower than her son. Does that make me T A for using self checkout ever? A kid's gonna be a kid which means in this case working at the speed a child can work. I see nothing wrong with this except the usual impatient customers who don't know how to handle someone going even a little slower than them. I would know. Again, NTA

  13. The difference is, the mum was there and she was using a busy time to teach her son how to use the checkout machine. He wasn't using it efficiently or properly, and that should have been part of the lesson. You, a disabled person, presumably don't have a 24 hour assistant who does these things with you. It's not about the time, it's about the context. There was no need for it to take so long in their case. And I say that as a disabled person also.

  14. Munchie(1992). I watched it all the time as a kid, it was like if the Samoyad from Five Children and It went all teenage rebel. I didn't know it was a sequel to another film until about 10 years ago. Nobody I have ever known has heard of this film.

  15. I watched that years ago and nobody believed me whenever I mentioned it!

  16. In my books, going by the people and not geographical boundaries, Bootle and the rough side of Crosby/Waterloo is where Liverpool ends one way (not the Blundellsands part of Crosby) Maghull the other, Speke the other.

  17. Maghull literally has an L postcode

  18. So does formby, it's from the days when it stood for Lancashire not Liverpool.

  19. The only thing I'm concerned about is the wording. It did sound condescending in OP's post, but the message behind it is valid.

  20. It could be that this time he's reached his limit. Snapping even when justified can make anyone sound like a dick

  21. Well the waterlogged copy that smells of dirty bathwater was still readible, you see... 🙄

  22. is that relevant? they are adults and both women, there’s no victim card to play. Neither person has better social standing or advantage over the other

  23. Yes it's relevant. You've just said it yourself half of these issues on here are about different expectations from situations, well part of that is women being told to phrase things certain way and expecting other people to be on the same page, and men being taught typically other things and not having to be on the same page. Like, that's the clash. Women aren't meant to just come out and say yes buy me a new book, especially because of how many times usually we are direct about things and then mocked for being petty. If it's not important to other people, it's deemed as not important at all desipte if something is important to us. Where as men are allowed to just walk through situations and even if they are told something directly, are socialised to argue their way through anyway to get their own way.

  24. Tell me you don't hang out with trans people without telling me you don't hang out with trans people.

  25. No but this is the thing, right. I've got 2 friends who are trans and they're both between late 30s, early 40s, right? I know them from 2 completely different group settings - one volunteer work based and one disability community based, but they do not go around calling themselves trans. They're only "out" as trans to those of us who knew em pre or mid-transitio. Everyone else, they are the gender they are and that's that.

  26. Definitely not typical and if they’re trans masc they can’t be a lesbian? If they were to just use he/him and identify as something else they could be but idk it’s just weird? I’m honestly not too sure how to answer this sorry

  27. Not the person you replied to but, Male lesbian is an old term, the wonderful Eddie Izzard used to go by it in the 90s before realising she wasn't a male, so it might be they've adopted a sort of take on that and made it their own thing?

  28. I mean to be honest with you, i'd completely lie out of my teeth. I'd make it like you were checking up to see if they were doing alright and affording the cost of living and able to wash their uniforms and keep a good work life balance and that the person is not the only person who would be spoken to about it.

  29. It is something a lot of people do and in fact some supermarkets brought out fruit stations so parents can give kids free apples and oranges whilst they were going around the shop, and adults were taking them as well! I think they went cos of Covid but it was probably a money saver.

  30. So you work with people who may have processing issues and your way of dealing with that, is to jump in before they have a chance to process the situation and speak for themselves, as if they have no agency? I'm not sure you're the right fit for the job. A explained the problem and instead of apologising, because what she said was valid, you doubled down. And what's worse you're on here trying to present her as rude. It's funny isn't it how a nuerodivergent woman is considered rude for explaining why they are upset by an action you made, it's almost like when men say women are bossy when actually what they mean is that they - the men- don't like being told what to do by people (ie women) they think are beneath them...

  31. I think there's something to reclaiming a lot of space back that is just selfishly given to cars and car drivers with no thought to pedestrians and cyclists, but bikes are not the perfect solution you think they are. The, um, "less bodily able" or disabled or mobility impaired as we prefer to be called, are not all compatible with bikes, not even the extra support bikes or trikes. The new LTNs and mid-pavement bike lanes are causing harm to blind and deafblind people. There are going to be people out there who need cars for various reasons. We're also stuck in a loop. Public transport costs and train faires are very expensive in a lot of areas, so people have invested in a car, so there's less people getting the bus, so there's less profit, so there's less busses and less routes, so people have to invest in a car to get to work. We can't just get rid of cars, even with 10 years warning, unless the transport routes come back and work out cost effective.

  32. Yeah I don't know, but on my monthly trek to the chemist last week I was asked by 2 young lads if they could ask me something and I thought they were gonna ask for directions cos they didn't have local accents, but no, they asked me if I'd like to talk to them about God and when I said no they tried to give me a leaflet and explained where their church was (everyone in the area knows where their church is!). I really wasn't expecting that, one of them was wearing a hoodie.

  33. I will when I'm searching through flats on rightmove. I have a max rent sent just above what I could afford but my logic is more expensive = more space and it just gets the point where the lower the cost, the lower chances are it'll be a suitable place to live.

  34. Normally January has a big 'try being vegan for a month' campaign called Veganuary, and you get lots of new product launches to coincide with it, but I feel like I haven't heard anything about Veganuary this year. Maybe they've overstocked and haven't seen the expected January sales bump.

  35. I haven't heard anything about it this year either, but i'm happy to announce as a dairy intolerant person, this year there was a massive shelf in Lidl in the fridge section full of vegan alternatives that I've been able to stock up on! Where as last year most of what they advertised for Veganuary wasn't in stock. They were meant to have vegan pizza and didn't, vegan ice cream, and didn't, vegan cheese spread... didn't. Or at least my two nearest ones didn't. They had oat milk in veganuary 2019, kept it for all of 2019 and then, I don't know, covid happened and it went and didn't come back until about September just gone. Now they've got their own brand of oat milk!

  36. It's so hard to choose a best when each genre surely has a best. Best sci fi, Doctor Who, best Satirical - The Thick of It, best quiz, QI, best comedy drama - dinnerladies. Best kids show - Horrible Histories.

  37. Benefits Street has got to be up there, as far as worst goes. Just poverty porn. Contemptible in every way.

  38. Julie from the Jeremy Kyle show was either on that or the very similar one with a similar name like Benefit Britain or Britain on Benefits, and she moved to Blackpool, went straight to the council office and got set up with Housing Benefit for the flat she'd just moved in to. Meanwhile in reality at that time, at least where Ilived, you had to have lived in your place of residence for a certain amount of time before qualifiying for housing benefit. I mean I had friends at that time pretty much destitute being told they were not elligible for housing benefit, one because they had left their abusive home and wasn't in their new place long enough (had to fight via CAB to prove circumstances) and another because they had failed to provide sufficient evidence of trying to find work in order to pay the rent themselves. But somehow (the power of television) she got housing benefit after one appointment! Apparently to cover her until she got a job. So she goes to get a job in care, gets the job in care, and just after starting this very physically demanding job in care, in the last episode, finds out she's pregnant and the series ends.

  39. It's hard for people to understand, but "cry it out" is just how babies work. Of course they want to be comforted 24/7 and will try to get that, but when they don't get that comfort, they calm down and start interacting with their environment.

  40. Do they calm down, or do they just become traumatised to the point they learn there's no point cos nobody is coming? You know, like they see in neglected children whose parents are drug users and alcoholics?

  41. My kid cried a lot at night when she was a baby. Took her to doctors, tried everything they suggested, nothing. Then as a 2 year old she sometimes got less than 7 hours of sleep a night because she just kept getting fussy and wouldn't shut her eyes or mouth. Took her to a sleep specialist and finally got her to sleep 9 hours. She was later diagnosed with ADHD. Doctors told us to stop worrying about her sleep because she isn't going to sleep more, "that's ADHD for you." 😭

  42. Just like we've learnt not to force feed kids to eat more in one setting when they say they're full (and may be give them an option of finishing up what they didn't eat a couple of hours later when they say they're hungry again), we really need to change society's perspective on the perfect amount of sleep for kids cos kids with ADHD do not fit mode. The best way to put it is they have a longer life battery with less need for recharge. And I say that as an adult who had sleeping issues - as in I hardly needed it - all my life until I got sick, and was only just diagnosed with ADHD. Which explains Everything.

  43. No. Foreign travel is not a big deal. People have to stop being scaredy cats. I was sent off to boarding school in Switzerland at 14. Flew there, got on a train, got yo my village, got to the school. By myself. Used the French that I had been studying for months by myself to get there.

  44. errr I think maybe you should look up how damaging sending a child away to the ability to empathy and a child's development is at any stage even teens, because I think that would be good for you to understand why you think it's fine for a kid to sent away with family they don't know to meet family they don't know to attend a funeral of someone they never met. It's like parents who got hit as kids who say they got hit as kids and they turned out fine. People who advocate for children being hit did not turn out fine. And, well... You might have survived to tell the tale but how well did your development survive if you think putting a teen girl through this is fine and being against it is "treating her like a toddler".

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