1. The show is called American Dad and Stan works for the CIA but in actuality is a double agent for the great country of Brazil. Somehow he gets away with it despite wearing his homeland as a pin.

  2. It’s nice but the current one is great. I think it is in most people’s top 10 USA state flags.

  3. You don’t even need to translate that to understand the cancer that this image is.

  4. You’ll be facing bots until you’re level 6

  5. Until people meme you for being ketchup, mustard, and mayo

  6. So? This is probably just someone who can’t play conquest and can hardly play Slash.

  7. Afghanistan if the USA actually helped the country achieve stability.

  8. I would say a little weight. You have a great jawline but your cheeks are very “in” if that makes sense. If you can get a little bit in your face it’d be perfect. Also, take care of your skin! You have good potential.

  9. Hollow cheeks are ideal. Don't listen to this person op

  10. A better stance would be refusing to do business with nations that respect Sharia Law.

  11. But- what about my oil? 👉🏻👈🏻 /s

  12. It’s the flag of the Midwest Union from Red World, a mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Is there a site I could order a custom one perhaps?

  13. I wouldn’t worry about the nose. People have preferences. For example, I knew a girl who found big pointy noses attractive and I had no idea how. 😅

  14. This would make the most sense especially after the Eleven crossover skin. If they really wanted to be creative though perhaps they could do something with Yemoja and make the water abilities rock based.

  15. Average Brazilian: “This will be our flag next year if we don’t remove Lula!”

  16. Oh yeah, the portugese hidden by a projector!

  17. It’ll be more of a surprise when the Portuguese Inquisition happens 😈

  18. When you “main” a character and decide to play conquest like that. 🤡

  19. There are 14 millions members of the terrorist group. They support Palestine in fight with Israel, kill the jew Putin, give Kuril Islands to Japan, invade Russia etc. (I'm not angry at Israel and jews, just in case)

  20. Very complicated for a flag even though it is pretty.

  21. Good design decision to put the hammer through the middle of the sickle. It looks weird being so close to the handle.

  22. This looks like if Target became a monopoly and took over a country.

  23. Nah, you have to give it 10 years before that comes out.

  24. There are more Tongan flags than Australian. Brisbane probably likes Tonga more than Australia.

  25. It’s the funny part about the average immigrant. They fly the flag and take pride in who they are but if you asked them if they’d go back or live there again the answer is no.

  26. Not alot of patriotism it seems. 😅 If you said you were in Samoan I’d believe you.

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