1. Guess we all have to start somewhere.

  2. Exactly why in hell would someone record another just causally eating a sandwich. This shit is getting stupid nowadays

  3. Sure anything being recorded at the time is a live stream. Camera was set up right next the guy eating because they were bored and nothing else to watch 😂

  4. I have a question about fitcamx if anyone can answer. I wonder if you do wired install like the one in the video below, does it affect the warranty?

  5. Just a quick heads up. You can add any upgrade to a vehicle under warranty without it voiding your warranty unless thus upgrade is proven to cause the failure of a component under warranty!

  6. It’s just a thin layer to cover the white wall nothing to worry about

  7. I'm going to suggest also joining your question has be a bit concerned regarding experience, you'll learn alot from the forums.

  8. Identifix took over some years ago so there’s access to both on the identifix site

  9. It’s the crank case ventilation system. The diaphragm is likely ruptured causing access vacuum it the engine. If you pull the oil cap off while it’s running the noise will go away. Replacing the oil separator will fix this!

  10. This is more what it sounds like to me. The sound doesn't follow the revs so it's probably not rotational.

  11. This is a Volvo engine that I’m rather familiar with. The oil filter housing is the oil separator.

  12. I still have a piece of the piston head when my Thunderbird finally gave away after making this noise for about a week. It looks like a meteorite

  13. What made you check your headphones before finding this maggot?

  14. High beams should be on the inside, low on the outside

  15. I haven’t had a fried bologna sandwich in a while and with a little cheese oh my

  16. I saw the username and was looking at the picture for a Chuck E Cheese!

  17. This looks like a new car. Is it under warranty?

  18. Instead of sleeving it why not just transfer the old valve to the new tank? It looks like there’s a gasket in between so it should pop out of the tank. I would probably spray some silicone in the gap so they pop out easier. What was wrong with the old tank?

  19. The part that it broke off of is hot bonded to the tank, so unfortunately can't swap them. The old gas tank had a hole drilled into it. The nipple broke off of the old one too upon removal so it seems they're quite fragile.

  20. It was hard to tell when looking at the video. Sounds like you’re On track as for repairing it. If you can’t reuse the old one that’s a common size so good luck sleeving that should work fine I’ve had to do this many times

  21. OP it’s just a center cap and probably cost around $20 from BMW and is easy to replace. That’s all I’m going to say’ uh Edit: as for the wheel look for a wheel refinishing company in your area that will be about $200

  22. It’s exactly what you called it. These shields tend to deteriorate because they are made of fiber and aluminum, so removing it in one piece might be difficult depending on how old it is.

  23. I want it to be original actually without this rust. Hopefully it didn’t penetrate too much so I can get most of it out.

  24. I would fluid film it after cleaning for future protection.

  25. Must be worn then, all the other caps are the same.

  26. You can tack weld and it’ll be fine

  27. Sounds like the high pressure fuel pump and injectors to me

  28. Exactly what I was thinking and the noise is centered over the fuel rail. Those high pressure systems are noisy

  29. Looks like Honda. You can have fun drilling but you might be better off buying a used lower strut support

  30. Spot on… 07 accord, I’m basically teaching myself to work on cars with this thing and it just happens to be rusted enough to be a pain in the ass but not too rusty to hurt the structure. Might just go grab a new strut mount though like you said…

  31. A torch would have helped with the seized bolt before it broke. A strut mount sits on top of the strut itself holding the spring and strut together. You need the lower strut bracket, I’m sure you can find many as these are common cars

  32. I always twist it around before I pull out!

  33. Isn’t that what those guys with loud exhaust popping want!

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