Asking cops the same silly questions they ask us

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  1. I have a feeling it’s one of their pets! He wasn’t phased at the beginning and that spider is harmless

  2. Might just be me but this is a great chance to turn this into something artistic. Somehow preserve the remaining glass, remove the shelf to the right and put a long similar shelf above

  3. It likely has an aftermarket remote start system. That switch disables that feature when the hood is open incase someone is working under the hood

  4. I agree. But even if we’re wrong, it’s definitely aftermarket and not how the car is sold stock.

  5. Yes I also don’t think it came with a tin can next to the wiring harness.

  6. He must not be homeless or hungry because he would be grateful if he was.

  7. What have you upgraded under the hood? Such great cars, simple and comfortable.

  8. This might be one of the biggest scams as far as dealerships/ auto shops selling fuel induction cleaning! Using premium gas helps overall. Direct fuel injection engines won’t Help in Cleaning the valves.

  9. I’m also a lil jelly. That would be a dream to me

  10. You’ll have a hard time thinking about not owning one from now on!

  11. They take orders based on customer requests that get into a database system, which is why they ask what your most likely options you would like. Waiting is going to be normal nowadays. The manufacturer will send these out accordingly close to what you want +/- some options and at that point you have the option to buy or wait for something specific to your liking.

  12. Hate to burst your bubble, but it looks like you might have only get 2 of them...

  13. Starboard or port side lean is the new thing.

  14. And if you put the sticker on the back of your car, it will give you +10 hp, and +2 mpg.

  15. I’ll take +2mpg ! I thought only M stickers give you extra HP

  16. Please take before and after sound clips I’m genuinely curious if there is any difference

  17. Lol, I might for shits and giggles. it’s mostly enclosed but does have an extra vent that would increase sound a bit more

  18. Every lure is worth what you catch, not what you lose. They’re only useful if you you Fish!

  19. We use them for walleye. Those may be hard to find in the bay though.

  20. Probably someone playing games but he’s getting a full search for this one.

  21. Yep it’s public property we pay for it including the officers

  22. LOL, I do that; easier to manage on the pan if they don’t fit in longer strips

  23. The forbidden 10mm will take it off just pull up as you loosen it. It’s treaded

  24. The world before creepy fuck heads evolved!

  25. I wouldn’t listen either they belong together. 😆

  26. This is when you wonder what you did to get that close to serious injury. Karma is always watching

  27. Lol I have the same crack on mine. Not dangerous windshields are multi layer. Just sucks because I replaced it a year before. At least they are cheap to replace. If it was across my view I’d have replaced it but I’m waiting for spring now

  28. I would think a good drill bit would do the trick

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