1. Looks good maybe some treatment or staining would bring the grips out even more

  2. My mental health is a absolute shitpit yet I still don't ash everywhere I can. Has to be something else because I was in an abusive relationship where she abandoned me and took the kid that I found out wasn't even mine and then blamed me for her week early birth even though I was a state away. Yet my car is way cleaner than that.

  3. Well that’s good to hear your mentally strong enough to go through that and still maintain cleanliness and other things that usually go shit with poor mental health

  4. Yeah my house is a disaster though. I live in a condemned house that the county wants demolished but won't kick us out due to being a disabled couple that is unemployed. My landlord thinks it's fine to superglue my doorjamb back together after it got kicked in and that boarded up windows are acceptable. Mentally I'm falling apart. Probably not gonna eat tonight if I can fight my hunger and may just deny my sleep aswell. I don't seem to deserve that stuff since I'm useless to society by being unemployed and on welfare.

  5. Ik a random persons words on Reddit don’t meant much and I can’t help through my phone but just know to go through all this and still keep going your strong enough to overcome it. I hope things change soon for you

  6. I’m not familiar with the MRA Renegade how does is it compare to the other 5.56/223 semi autos? I’m probably going bottom because 10/22 will work when ya need it

  7. Well, it isn't a semi-auto. It's a straight pull rifle that takes AR parts except the receiver. Really well made and would be very quite with subsonic ammo and a suppressor, but it's a bolt action.

  8. It’s cool but he got way better verses Hadouken, Strapped, Gucci Everything, 17 w 38, Go, 0 - 250 probably more I’m forgetting lol

  9. Between an AK and a pc9 I'll take the ak hands down. The pc9 is cool but it has nowhere near the power of 7.62

  10. True dat but I run the pc better its really fun to plink with but that’s just a personal thing

  11. They might co-witness through the optic, but even if they don't, you'll get the proper cheek weld and sight picture with the dot.

  12. Basically, because the stock on your rifle drops below the top of your receiver, a low mount will allow you to achieve the tight cheek-to-stock contact that you want for accurate, consistent shooting, while being able to naturally see through the red dot.

  13. The risk of dying from heart related issues due to covid is 7 times higher than the vaccine btw.

  14. Also people who got myocarditis from the vaccine were susceptible hosts who would’ve had a more severe reaction to the virus anyway.

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