1. Still wet behind the ears much ? The term 'drip leg' is used everywhere to describe a sediment trap on a gas line. Google it, if you want to spend the next three weeks following the search results, kiddo.

  2. Kiddo, huh? Bold assumption. Google “dirt leg vs drip leg” if you want something to do.

  3. One of the many things that you fail to understand, is that natural gas used to have a very high moisture content, and it quite literally 'dripped'. The trap was more to collect water, than detritus.

  4. I get the question about WiFi thermostats from friends and family a lot. I always answer the question with, "If you like gadgets, problem solving, and fiddling with shit, they're great. If you never really want to interact with your thermostat, they're terrible."

  5. It may still be your power supply. I would go for a 750 watt supply at a minimum to ensure you have adequate headroom to absorb power demand spikes.

  6. Booting doesn't load the PSU, though. Not until you're gaming or doing some other graphically intense work will you load the power supply.

  7. Yup, Apple never let's you own shit, they just sell you that illusion.

  8. Yeah, but google isn’t exactly the lesser of two evils.

  9. Same. However, I still don’t know where I left the stopper for the garbage disposal. I think that one really was the cat.

  10. I built a nearly identical computer in an InWin Chopin and decided I hated myself so I ran all the PSU wires through the front panel to clean up the inside.

  11. The yellow and white look alot alike when you looking at them sideways with your cheek pressed against the wall.

  12. Back in 1994, I learned that the yellow video jack is always the opposite end as the red audio jack. White is always in the middle. It's been awhile since I've needed this piece of obscure information, but it never failed me throughout the 2000's and into the early 2010's. All I needed to figure out was which one is red. (this was learned by hooking my Super Nintendo up via RCA jacks to different TVs as a middle schooler.)

  13. Do what I do. Stop right next to a gas pump, grab the squeegee, and clean the windows.

  14. Keep that attitude up and you're gonna get shutted down, young man.

  15. Uses "shutted" while attacking OP's age... either your teacher was pure garbage or you're a kid yourself. Bad look either way.

  16. Go back and read the title of the post, ya dingus.

  17. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the PC laying flat. I know that was common in the 90s. I mean that the front of the computer is not aligned with the keyboard and monitor.

  18. I can't say why in this picture, but a lot of people turned the PC 90 degrees because their desk was too shallow to fit the cables into the back of the computer and have the keyboard in front of the computer. Turning it sideways gave you more room in front of the computer.

  19. So, on the Audi, how is air from the turbos getting into the engine? I don’t see them connected to the blower or injector. What the heck is going on here?

  20. It’s been this way since mIRC.

  21. Last season I had like 3 batteries go bad on me in a month when it was below freezing most night and then I started bringing them inside and now I’ve only had one battery go bad on me but it was my fault. I dropped it off of a 25 foot ladder when I was changing batteries and it wouldn’t charge anymore.

  22. Unplug them from the tool when you're not using them. I've had batteries go "bad" while left plugged into a drill or impact. I've managed to bring them back to life with a DC power supply, though.

  23. I live in southern WI... I had an Impreza and a Crosstrek. Those cars are monsters in the snow with a set of winter tires.

  24. As I watched the video, I was like, "oh, come on guy. it's not that baOH MY GOD!"

  25. Man, Reddit really doesn’t get sarcasm sometimes, does it?

  26. It survived because “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”

  27. Except for continuing to exist, anyway.

  28. He's going to learn that Sundays are for picking stones

  29. What RGB fans should i get for my PC, I currently have 1 tiny bit of RGB on my motherboard and I am leaving FPS on the table without RGB. Corsair LL120s look nice but are they any good? There's a 6 pack of up here RGB fans but all the reviews say the remote set on fire.

  30. Cooler Master fans don't require some USB connected hub or proprietary software. They just plug into the motherboard aRGB header and can be controlled with your motherboard RGB software.

  31. What sub have you been on? Because its definitely not pcmr. Any mention of RGB here is met with pure disdain and "wHy CaRe AbOuT hOw YoUr PC lOoKs??"

  32. I got my drivers license in 1996. Back in the 90's, neon under-glow came onto the car scene. Holy shit, 16 or 17 year old me wanted that on my car so bad. But it was expensive and I was too busy paying for gas and car insurance with money from my part time job to afford it. By the mid-2000's, I probably could have afforded it, but realized it was tacky. Now I'm in my 40s... I don't give a fuck. My computer looks like a god damn rotating circus with all the stupid, out of synch, random colors floating around. I think it's silly, but I like it, so yeah, I need that fan that lights up. Although, my PC sits on a shelf under my desk, so I only see it if I bother to look at it. But it has it, damnit!

  33. If you didn't have a wife, would you still put the roll on?

  34. Running ethernet cable in conduit would be an easy, cost-effective way. Another option would be a point to point wireless bridge.

  35. 5 years ago I bought a house built in 1922. It had a new garage built behind the house in 1997. You can not imagine how excited I was when I discovered a buried PVC conduit between the basement of the house and the garage that only contained one, 4 conductor, phone wire. Wired internet in the garage?! Fuck yeah! Good thing, too... house has steel siding.

  36. In the army, we had a guy do this with two antennas and 2 Pringle cans.

  37. I think a baked beans can is the ideal diameter and depth for a can-tenna. I might be wrong on that, though.

  38. My Ryzen 5 3600 died. Probably going to pick up a Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

  39. I recently swapped a 5800X3D into mine. It's not the fastest AM4 processor, but it should keep this PC in good shape for awhile to come. And it does game good! I'm bummed that AM4 is done, but at least we can use the platform for awhile before feeling the need to upgrade to a whole new platform.

  40. Fuck we used the oil in ours to thread 1/2 gas line. It worked without oil for a few months, I added some back to er the other day. Still pulls a vacuum like a champ.

  41. I kinda wanna call shenanigans on this because I tried using vacuum pump oil for threading black pipe once. It didn’t work at all. The threads were absolutely chowdered. However, I can’t call shenanigans because I have a sample size of two attempts and there are too many other factors that may have led to success for you and failure for me.

  42. This picture has been showing up on Reddit for at least 10 years.

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