1. Accessories for Scouter are dead cheap sind they include Barricade and Raid Captain

  2. Depending on which build you go, you also have keen blunt and adrenaline - on spec crit necklace and spec rings/earrings.

  3. I started with the game early December 22 and chose dragonmaid as my starting deck because it looked fun. I tried to make it work with alle the free resources you get at the start.

  4. Except this list DOES NOT accurately reflect what is most used in Ranked.

  5. On my way from gold 5 to Diamond this season (with Dinomorphia) - this was what I played against in % (pulled out of my head):

  6. Hunger is by far not easier. The opposite is the case because Hunger does not forgive mistakes if you fuck up your constant damage. You have to take every tiny possibility to make damage, which is very stressful. As lunar you just release your persona and press a red skill and that’s it. 100 million done

  7. From the perspective of someone that’s new to reaper / doesn’t play lunar or doesn’t play reaper at all - hunger might be (or look) easier. I main lunar and I don’t find it to be hard to play after I developed all the muscle memory. You can build meter while dodging stuff, so most of time time, dodging mechanics isn’t even a dps loss (or only a minimal). Lunar has a push immunity with identity every 5-10 sec, so you can even push through mechanics if timed well. You also don’t lose as much dmg when walking to the back of the boss than a hunger reaper.

  8. Short comparison to all my alts when they were 1445 full set (50ish quality weapon) lvl 5 and 7 gems: Scrapper Deathblade and Shadowhunter all did around 2.5-3 mil dps (scrapper highest shadow lowest) which turned into 3.5 for scrapper and 3.2 for DB after tripod change (all lvl 5 tripods).

  9. I need this for my dinomorphia deck vs runick - more often than not, they banish my 1 of 2 copy of epidemic virus, so I can’t get it out with trap trick

  10. Tbh people just say "if you want a normalized challenge just play inferno", so I guess it's an unpopular sentiment, but I really wish we had the option to play homework raids with normalized setups, at item level, while also gaining regular rewards.

  11. So basically like doing your math homework without your calculator?

  12. Pinnacle is super overloaded, though. 1650 spec gets you 33% AS, 33% damage, and 55% crit in blue. In red you get 33% MS, 44% damage, and 110% crit damage.

  13. Regarding the ultimate: pinnacle Glaviers ult ist the second strongest hitting ability behind robust spirit ult. A pinnacle Glavier usually does around 25% of his dmg with the ult which leads to the following situation:

  14. what have you been smoking? Glaiviers awakening does a lot of damage I agree but it is not 25%. It's around 10% of your total damage.

  15. I guess you have never seen the dps meter logs of a high spec pinnacle Glavier. I don’t have any at hand right now, but the awakening is usually the second or third highest dps skill, after red dragons horn and half moon slash.

  16. Yes but they nerfed RE1 is what im saying, by buffing RE3 so much they indirectly nerfed RE1 what goes along into them not liking people playying lvl1 class engravings

  17. RE1 was always a niche build which was stronger by 2% on paper with a 5x3+1 setup. In a real raid scenario - I don’t think it was ever better, because you lose so much movement and attack speed from going RE1 over RE3.

  18. It’s actually around a 4% dmg buff for pinnacle if you do the math. Both stances go up by +2%which is multiplicative with our spec scaling and works out to be around a 4% overall buff.

  19. Tripods at only lvl4 are a loss of around 10-15% per skill (even 20% for some) so you do 10-15% less dps by default compared to someone with full lvl 5. Also, both gunslinger builds use peacemaker which only unlocks his full potential if the boss is under 50% hp - even more so for time to hunt since most of the damage is coming from rifle (70%ish).

  20. Is that rare? We had our Arti do it in my static and he got it after a couple tries.

  21. Well, if you look at the g1/g2 brel pugs in party finder, most of them are looking for a Prokel / support.

  22. Yea Valtan would grab and toss you off the cliff with this animation

  23. So they either give us complete damage / cc immunity - which would be utterly broken op and will never happen - or they reduce the animation time and just give us damage reduction and lvl 3 cc immunity (same as normal awakening).

  24. If they spawn near a wall or is outside of the map area it fires off immediately

  25. I guess this is the answer. While can’t remember that this always happened (I was under the impression that it started some weeks ago), I guess the reason we only notice now is that we now know the timing of the lasers (if they don’t fire early) and thus sometimes stay in until the last second to keep doing damage. When deskaluda was new, everyone was instantly running away from lasers.

  26. Even more so without a relic set and with half your skill points missing.

  27. If you get a fresh char to 1460 (no matter which class except supports), you either have friends / guildmates that carry you for free - or you buy a bus.

  28. With similar investment into the game - I have pretty much the same experiences as you. Can agree on most points. I didn’t experience the scrapper despair yet tho - but that might be because I play a scrapper myself and gatekeep the bad ones.

  29. I think the real answer is since sorc and zerk have a larger playerbase, you run into bad players more often. 30% out of 10000 zerkers is more easily noticed than 30% of 100 deadeyes for example.

  30. The fact that there are almost no berserkers that deal decent damage and the fact that there are almost no berserker mains (at high ilvl) at all anymore (compared to the first few months of the games lifetime) tells me that it attracted or attracts less skilled players.

  31. I don't feel like anyone pretends that Berserker is an easy class to play (past t2). Its just that a lot of bad people (or more like almost exclusively bad people and "casuals") play the class, because "big sword goes brr". That combined with the fact that all what you said is true (clunky class thats hard to play very well) lead to the bad stigma the class has.

  32. Entropy set has 4 armor pieces from Vykas, so 40 wings needed - and weapon plus 1 armor piece from Valtan, so 35 plates needed.

  33. what about lunar 3 vs 1? the scaling on it seems kinda bad but what do i know

  34. What would be your 2 tho? Adrenaline 2 is pretty smoge (at least over lunar 3). Lunar is in a pinnacle Glavier situation where there are no useful engravings after 5x3, which is why some kr players in hyper endgame use 5x3 +1/2 with adrenaline +1 or 2 and then drop crit on necklace for swiftness. Alternative engravings are only ether predator.

  35. Swift neck probably only becomes worth it if you have a 9/7 equivalent or better that works for adr 2. Since that’s unachievable for most players, lunar’s standard hyper end-game build would just go crit neck and adr 1 no?

  36. Yeah like I said, this is for hyper endgame with good bracelet (high spec + crit roll + 4% flat crit) and with a potential crit synergy in mind. It’s also not something EVERY player does, but some do it.

  37. so lets just say you hit 50 mil in trixion without buffs, spec bard has a 25%, 15% and 6% buff (3 bubble, generic dps buff, synergy); gunlancer adds 12% and 6%, blade adds 12%, vykas G2 LoS adds 10%, dark nade adds 20% atrophine adds 30%, boss was staggered which adds around 4% from your 50ish domination you have. Lets multiply all of that: 1.25 x 1.15 x 1.06 x 1.12 x 1.06 x 1.12 x 1.1 x 1.2 x 1.3 x 1.04 = 3.615 multiplier. 50 mil x 3,615 = 180 mil. Since my moon reaper already hits 36 mil on rage spear in trixion, i assume perfect swing hits more than double that in trixion, so maybe around 65 mil. 3.615 x 65 = 235 mil which is getting close to what he did.

  38. +24 weapon 75 quality, rest +22 (1525 gs) 5x3, lvl 9 dmg gems, lvl 5 tripods. I’m only level 57, so I’m missing the ~5% dmg from lvl 60. 75 quality weapon is also only ~20% dmg so im missing a bit there as well. Entropy set is at 6set (4set lvl 2).

  39. wait i thought we could get one piece of the new gear after clearing 1-4 in week 1? is this not accurate?

  40. It is, actually it isnt, because you can get one armor piece afte clearing G1-2. G1 gives 3+3 (3 normal drop + 3 bonus chest), G2 gives 4+4, so 14 in total. You get a one time first clear chest for beating G2 the first time that has 30 horns in it. So after you cleared G2 for the first time, youll have 44 horns. Since armor needs 40, you can craft one armor piece after that.

  41. Where is your idea coming from that lunar reaper deals low damage? Lunar is not a burst class per se but more of a sustained semi-burst. A full burst cycle (storm+vortex>rage spear; ult>glowing brand; vortex+nightmare+distrotion+trap>dance of fury) takes around 13-15 secs. You cant realy call that "burst" when there is an ignite sorc needing 6 sec for a full ignite while dealing way more damage.

  42. So 30 Bucks should net you around 3200 royal crystals. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can buy from these right now. Here is what you can do from best to worst:

  43. is it? that's weird can buy blue with gold but not gold with blue

  44. The question that arises in my head is: OPs question is targeted specifically at people that made gold from spending money in the cash shop before. Why is it that you try to answer his question when you obviously have no idea about the topic?

  45. Yes Scouter is smodge atm, but Shadowhunter is just fine.

  46. Scouter being smodge doesn’t come from its potential dps tho but from its terrible gameplay with a lot of phase transitions / mechanics that require you to stop dps. He is no top dps, even on trixion with 100% uptime but his 100% uptime dps is pretty good. The problem is that you can’t keep that high of an uptime with the short duration of his transformation and the constant breaks from boss phasing.

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