1. Not really news. During the pandemic, the world realized it had to stop relying on China as the de facto place for all types of microchips and other electronics. They not only had a stranglehold on many types of microchips and other electronics, but their unending lock downs exasperated the situation a thousand times worse.

  2. Only if it’s able to be done easily within your budget. There doesn’t seem to be that much content that supports ATMOS yet so I don’t put it in the must have category. But if you can easily do it financially then sure.

  3. It's less about what's on the cloth (mild detergent/water -vs- spay designed to clean a TV screen), than it is to use a cloth (microfiber or gentle cotton, usually) that is gentle on the screen.

  4. A sealed sub is good for everything, if it's a good subwoofer. I use a sealed Paradigm Ultracube 10 right now, and it sounds fantastic with movies like Ready Player One and every other type of movie and music.

  5. That’s all true. And you mentioned the scenarios for where a ported sub is the better choice yourself. I just wanted to point out that it depends on the use case whether it is better or not. Sealed for more precision, ported for more energy.

  6. Are you sure it's not the PC doing the screensaver thing?

  7. Nah. It's TV. Even when it's in the menu it turns on the screensaver. Some OLED burn in protection BS. I understand it's a good thing, but two minutes... That's just over doing it.

  8. I live in a rural area. We've had powers surges on sunny days with no wind.


  10. Technically, the whole statement is laughable because Linux isn't an operating system. It's a kernel that you build operating systems on.

  11. It is laughable. Linux is an offshoot of Unix, and Unix was always relegated to business needs.

  12. Anthem stuff looks nice! MRX 720 looks to have been discontinued tho? I see an MRX 740 as current offering, but it's $3299 CAD and the 8K version $3699 CAD. :/

  13. Semi essential. You'd get a more visceral experience with a subwoofer. And it's mandetory with a home theater.

  14. When you understand the difference between a really good speaker or subwoofer that is expensive, that has, on paper, less specs than a mediocre speaker that lists insane specs... but not only cheaper, but the company even admits that it's not audiophile quality, or even targeting audiophiles.

  15. Try Mischief. It has a large population and attracts enough new players, or people making new alts.

  16. If you’ve got at least 1.5” of clearance up top, you could put a front-blowing AC Infinity AVR fan on top

  17. This might be the best option, if there is enough clearance.

  18. The middle shelf is adjustable. Just take it out.

  19. Run memtest. It should run off a usb thumb drive.

  20. That happened once to me. It apparently did repair itself, since it never happened again.

  21. Windows 7 has been retired for a long time. Plus there's a real risk of malware. One of the reasons old Window versions are retired is the next, newest, version has more features to prevent malware. It's really a never ending arms race.

  22. thank you. is there any way to update this vista laptop or is it basically done?

  23. There are two ways to measure what is "Best".

  24. Those are motherboard codes in an easy to read format.

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