1. Totally changed their ways, right??? Right??? For all you retards putting that shit in your arms and trusting this company, Pease Wake Up and Stop!!! You are the problem.

  2. I’m 6’2” 240lbs and would love to play with these tough guys. How do I sign up?

  3. Never… I will never reveal anything to a vegetable eating person like you.

  4. Just another black on black crime. It will be brushed aside after a few fires and calls to de-fund. Where is the President? What isn’t he talking about the outrage and how we have to “heal as a nation”? The fact is the government doesn’t care about black on black crime. Never did, never will. Wake up!!

  5. This statement came out after my comment. This crime was committed and video evidence has been available since Jan 7th. The point is that the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the minorities they supposedly support. They just want the votes and division.

  6. Literally, just playing. She would be toast, if that cat meant business.

  7. "Jordon never worked for Pfizer. He was mentally ill, and unfortunately took his own life due to harassment from Veritas."

  8. Suicide: He’ll shoot himself in the back six times then hang himself.

  9. Deep State controlled. Check the contracts and revenue Google generated with our government. Just don’t try to look it up on Google.

  10. There’s been plenty of time to create the “Director’s Cut”. Can’t wait to see it.

  11. Why are you so eager to see a gay prostitute fucking a guy?

  12. It would be nice to see a Pelosi getting fucked after they’ve been fucking us so long through insider trading.

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