1. Looks like The Exorist, East of Eden, Enter the Dragon and Rio Bravo are the only ones without stand-alone releases.

  2. Enter the Dragon also doesn’t have a standalone release for 4K although it’s the 50th anniversary this year so maybe an individual release as well

  3. Holy shit Bio Zombie. Great HK horror-comedy flick

  4. Went Out Of Stock during their $30 Arrow Spotlight sale the weekend before. Disappeared off their US site afterwards but you can still find it in stock in the UK. Just bought it from their UK but I’m still waiting for my order to ship.

  5. I don’t know what video you’re talking about but I only recall seeing one clip of Bowie in his Thin White Duke era that was featured in the film (They skimmed over his StS era, focusing mainly on Diamond Dogs and Young Americans then skipping to Berlin Trilogy) and it came from the Isolar I Rehearsals. Don’t know which part you’re looking for but it’s most likely what you’re looking for

  6. Only on the channel though right? They haven't announced any sort of physical release?

  7. Yeah no physical release. The film opens up with the Criterion/Janus Films/Fortune Star logos on the Criterion Channel. Fortune Star owns the worldwide rights to the film, Janus Films owns the US theatrical distribution, and Criterion would (presumably) own the US home video rights. Good chance Criterion will release this but yeah there’s no US physical release yet (Eureka already released it though so the chances of release is pretty good).

  8. A perfect score, I think, should be very rare and not easy to get. Out of the 1,500 I’ve seen, only about 85 of those were 5/5. These movies take complete control in their style, direction, and allows viewers to take in valuable ideas and leaving interpretation open. It is not a film that should guide audiences into a certain interpretation/truth but rather show it as it is, allowing viewers to pay attention and ultimately form their opinions based on the given materials. It should also have a solid and convincing production that no matter how low budget it may be, it is executed with precision, careful attention, and a convincing passion to film. And most importantly, it needs to be fairly consistent and should go beyond what it may seem like it was originally going for.

  9. If this has Armor of God 1 and 2 then I’ll definitely be getting it. Wheels on Meals and Twinkle are both really fun too. Great lineup if true.

  10. The top left is from Armour of God so very good chances.

  11. So I guess we will probably get a Drunken Master 1&2 box set, similar to the 4K Police Story one at some point, right?

  12. Drunken Master II was recently released by Warner Archive though so I don’t know about a set. Drunken Master is, however, one of his last major works that have yet to receive a Blu-ray release in the US (Eureka did a region free Blu-Ray a while back).

  13. Criterion has released all of them already for individual releases. Here’s the list:

  14. I like the second one a lot! Is that Spotify or Apple Music?

  15. Apple Music. The Spotify has a different layout now

  16. Can you actually change album art on Apple Music? I have Spotify and as far as I know there's no way to do that

  17. You can always rip your CDs onto your computer, get the iTunes app on the computer (I have a Windows), and import/export from CD to computer to phone. Once you import it, you can click on the album settings and change album art by importing one from computer. I assume that’s what this person did to change his album covers. You can add a picture of an alligator for the song, “Ziggy Stardust” if you wanted to do so by importing it and editing the song file’s metadata with iTunes (other apps can also change metadata as well).

  18. The Handmaiden is one of two films (so far) from the 2010s that I’ve rated a perfect score on. The other is Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Would easily take my number one spot for 2016.

  19. Much better than I expected. Came in with not so big expectations since I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’ve always had tough first watched with any Melville film. I can still distinctly remember a handful of scenes in this film and I find myself thinking about some of those scenes to this day

  20. Long Day’s Journey Into Night probably has my favorite usage of the one shot. This singular shot is the second half of the film (After the title card that comes in around the one hour mark) which now incorporates 3D imagery with some beautiful neon aesthetics to complement the atmospheric storytelling.

  21. I won't be contributing to your theory (Since I don't know much about music theory) but funny thing is that Jamiroquai has performed "Miss You" a few times on BBC Millenium and several other gigs in 1999 (During the Synkronized tour). The BBC Millenium performance also included Rolling Stones's guitarist, Ron Wood, in the mix as well! Also played it during at the notorious Woodstock '99 (The band left before things got really bad though).

  22. Probably 200-300 films by the end of this year. Not on the deep end like those who can pull off 500-800 a year but this may be my last year where I can watch this much films. Still pretty young so I’m getting busier every year which means less time for films

  23. I remember hearing a bit ago a different version of alright actually, but it was used as a sample on a remix, unless it was only used for the remix, but it was Jay Kay singing extra lines and such.

  24. That’s “Alright (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Remix),” featured in the 15th Anniversary Edition of Traveling Without Moving. I think there are a few other remixes that incorporates extended versions of vocals including “Cosmic Girl (Dmitri from Paris Remix)”

  25. Yes that's it! I was always into French House so I'm very familiar with those names but yes I remember! Did they just do the extended lyrics for these remixes?

  26. Jay Kay’s voice sounds more high pitch than his current singing voice. I’m pretty sure it probably comes from the original studio recordings that they probably removed in the original version of the song which they added on the remix. Wouldn’t think it would be smooth to combine 96 Jay Kay voice with the newer voice, even if you mess with the voice pitching. That’s what I think is the case but I might be wrong.

  27. It isn’t OOP. Check’s database to see if a copy is still selling for good prices. It may be OOP, but there’s fairly cheap used copies available

  28. You might have to go on streaming to find the film. I don’t know what the situation is with this film in Finland but I don’t see any DVDs or Blu-rays available currently in Finland or with Finnish subtitles included. Check your preferred streaming app to see if they have it and make sure to check whether or not they included Finnish subtitles. I recommend using JustWatch, a decent site/app to determine the streaming availabilities of a certain film or TV show in your region.

  29. Farewell My Concubine. Might be my favorite Chinese film tbh

  30. It’s funny how you make the MCU comparison because the producers did the some of the Marvel films like Endgame, Infinity War, and Winter Soldier. Their influence on this film is noticeable through the dialogue and mind-blowing sci-fi concepts.

  31. Interesting that you compared it to the MCU. I thought it reminded me a lot more of the Matrix

  32. Yeah the philosophical direction of the film is very similar to the approach with the Matrix about a new reality. This film seems like it has the allegory of the cave tale with the characters exploring new realities

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