County music has become insufurable

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  1. The perfect Rudimental way that I found out work perfectly for me is use a cardboard box, make some hole on it, put some absorbent paper on the bottom, dispose the shrooms in the box without them touching the other shrooms, every like 2 day go turn then on the other side (the side that was not touching the paper will now touch it) and leave the box open in an indoor space, check them every day, when you try to bend it but it crack open they are ready, (sorry for the bad English) mush love🍄🍄

  2. INFO: Have you remained at the same address that you were at when you were employed by the company? Have you had the same phone number?

  3. I have the same contact info. I was aware of the lawsuit while I was still employed.

  4. I remember seeing it on one of the drug boards like shroomery, bluelight, DMT nexus, etc. I've done an alcohol extraction before but I used everclear 190 proof. It came out like a sticky resin, very difficult to work with.

  5. Checked my partner’s asshole for ticks after a week of hiking with no shower. Not a pretty sight.

  6. To each their own, I enjoy the product and can’t wait to see it again. Especially the catfish.

  7. Cool story, bro. I’ve been growing and smoking for over a decade and have had my card since the second day available but please, tell me more.

  8. dude for real if you grew for a decade you would completely know what I am talking about. I have grown weed for over a decade as well. went to Amsterdam 25 years ago for seeds. worked in norcal so wtf are you even talking about???

  9. That was Saskatoon Police, not RCMP. Don’t make blanket statements as it’s completely untrue.

  10. I work as a mortician, and I've smelled many hundred corpses this year, fresh and not so fresh. That smell has nothing in common with DMT smell.

  11. Unlike 99% of these cases I feel really bad for everyone involved in this, including her. She had no mens rea. the one who thought she should get off because she was in her own apartment is 100 times more culpable.

  12. I could agree with you if she didn't immediately feel bad for herself. if she realized her mistake and rendered aid instead of clumping into a self absorbed ball of ignorance.

  13. The gang involved better call themselves the Harkonnens.

  14. When the cooling unit starts to feel a little gunky (mouthpiece feels like it has resistance when you twist) use a dab tool to scrape out the reclaim from the cooling unit before you clean with iso. You can put it in capsules immediately, infuse it into butter/oil directly, dab it, or thin it with terps and put in in a cart/pod. If there isn’t enough to scrape, simmer the pieces in some milk and drink, or use food grade ethanol (190 proof everclear NOT ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL) to make an instant tincture.

  15. I'm ok with them being used by trained medical personnel. But not by cops.

  16. I lucked out on my trip to UP. But northern Maine was no joke. it was like a murmeration of starlings!

  17. Next time take a photo that shows the whole plate. It's culinary plating, not culinary close up.

  18. Be sure to take an extra pair of socks, because BMFS is gonna knock your first pair off. 🐐

  19. don't forget the fresh undies for when your panties get wet and you throw them on stage

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