1. Absolutely no mention about how the movie’s banned in 20 countries. Just terrible journalism.

  2. The article doesn't mention one of the biggest reasons: poor audience reception.

  3. The article is also blaming Chapek, the guy that didn't greenlit the movie!

  4. lol I know I'm in the television subreddit and not the main ST-sub because the critical comments aren't being removed by the mods as fast as they can

  5. I’m confused and looking at a small phone, who is the lady shooting at them and saying angry things? It looks like it’s the Amanda Plummer character but are we supposed to know who she is?

  6. That's Amanda Plummer, the new villain in the upcoming season 3.

  7. Should be cast in a live-action remake of 'Megamind'

  8. Katherine from Veep has set the bar high.

  9. It is definitely a bad position. Do I think she took it so she could make more money on the market for a year or two? No. Considering her work in keeping caucus together and protecting vulnerable members I'd say that's probably what she was doing (protecting them from taking votes that piss off the public). I think there's definitely a go-go(good government) criticism of how that sort of politics as usual can cause a lot of harm but I don't think a lot of people are interested in that sort of more nuanced take.

  10. The author might be a friend with the cast of 'Bones and All'.

  11. Why were the Pixar employees leaking? It's not Chapek's fault that Lightyear flopped

  12. this summary misses a key point that this likely would have lost more money as a nothing streaming release. The theatrical route opens it up to like another 90M in TV rights and ancillaries according to deadline

  13. I don’t get the Apple rumour. They won’t want to own theme parks but I could see a long term agreement on content distribution. Inverse Pixar lol.

  14. Bog Iger was a close friend to the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, he spoke a few times in the past about Disney/Apple merging.

  15. He was a member of Disney's board and the largest shareholder as well.

  16. The father in monitoring room is part of the 1899 simulation

  17. Don’t think he was in the same simulation level. He was aware of the 1899 simulation, can monitor the people on the ship, control their environment & stay out of the endless loops that 1899 people went through.

  18. No he specifically says he is when they have her strapped to the chair before she meets with Daniel in that kids room. “You have put all of us in here with you”

  19. I think that Maura has created a multi-layer simulation system.

  20. Most idiotic take on the show.

  21. Article #4815162342 proclaiming Andor as the "BEST TV SERIES EVER".

  22. I've not seen the movie yet, but from the reviews/comments, it's a family adventure movie with LGBTQ subplot about

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