1. Actually, now /unlie, this is really nice design. I wouldn't be mad if real PS5 looked like this. Idk, I'd even say this is better than real ps5.

  2. Your case was probably more expensive than my whole setup. Enjoy your time gaming

  3. The difference between Bill Gates and me is, that he can buy Apple and I can buy apple.

  4. It does clean really dirty water. You can drink water from dirty river or something, but you should still boil it. Very useful thing actually, considering you have the resources and you are in need

  5. No idea what the mm thickness was of the OG pads. So I went with 1mm since my underwear was that it was the industry standard.

  6. You'd be surprised how thin you can spread it. The only purpose of thermal compound is to fill all the microscopic pits and divits in the machined surfaces of the metal. The reason you want to do that is because air is an extremely good thermal insulator, so you want to get the air out of all those tiny pockets. The thinnest layer possible is actually the most beneficial in terms of heat transfer.

  7. Yes. But thermal pads have some viscosity and if you have this big surface, you can't squish it enough to make contact all over. It's good to have a bit more thickness, but if you put 1.5mm pad into a 0.8mm gap, it just won't work.

  8. It's Fallout. You'll need to go into the game files and turn off V Sync. Google it, that's the best option.

  9. Ywah, but vsync running at 37fps? That's weird. Shouldn't it run the same as screen refresh rate?

  10. If I tried to run the game at 1440p 75Hz it will lock at half frame rate (37fps). It worked fine at 1080p 75Hz though, or 1440p 60Hz I think. It has been a while since I messed with it.

  11. That's weird. Did you try reinstalling drivers and all this random stuff? If not you should try it.

  12. I hate getting drunk, but 2 beers gets me where I want to go. But the alcohol leaves my system very quickly so I have to drink at a specific pace to keep my buzz going. I'm getting pretty good at it if you ask me.

  13. There is a massive Vcore power plan on the back of the card which I'm going to solder to using copper plates. Ground I'm still gonna figure out.

  14. TFW there are more users of an old, obsolete, unsupported version of Windows than the entirety of Linux users on Steam.

  15. Makes sense, Linux doesn't have very good support for games. But it's improving recently after steam deck came out

  16. It not only improved recently, apparently now is as good as windows. Well the steamdeck is at least.

  17. Afaik steamos can be used as desktop os. It has full support for HID devices, drivers (for AMD only cuz, nvidia doesn't give two fucks about linux) so it technically is a desktop OS. And also, it's "as good as windows" because they use that virtualization thing Proton. It's good, but it'll never be as good as native support.

  18. No it's not. 99% it's a scam, or 1% seller is an idiot and has no idea of its value.

  19. Buuut even it it isn't, it's still something that can build up & cause the same issues dust can when it's built up.

  20. Yeah. I'm just trying to say OP should use some kind of filter. There isn't much dust there, saying it hasn't been there for too long, but there's a lot of this things that look like bread bits.

  21. Same. Mom passed 2018, Dad followed 2021. I wish I could say I was at the finish line with you but I’ve still got a long ways to go. Thankfully I have my Wife and kids otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Staying strong to fight the good fight

  22. Wish you all best, and a lot of luck in getting rid of that bad shit. Hope you'll get better soon and you could freely focus on your family.

  23. I'd also be baby boomer. And I actually am, but just a little bit. I'd finally be able to enjoy my life. But no, fuck said I have asd I was being bullied in school, my dad is extremely impulsive and yells at me for literally no reason and my life is ruined. My mentality is less stable than Slovakia's economy.

  24. I hate you. I fucking hate you. Not this again. I don't want this shit again. Please.

  25. Wtf us dam and dm? Yeah dm is decimeter, one tenth of meter. But dam is a fucking water reservoir. What does it have to do with metrics?

  26. The fact that the fat has no where to go but the forehead

  27. She has more fat on her face than I have on my whole body. And I ain't no skinny boy

  28. The what? SATA WD ssd? 3060ti? For fucking 2,5k? I could build 2x faster PC with custom water loop for that price.

  29. It's also sata power cable. There are usually multiple connectors on one cable cuz 1. Price and 2. Why not.

  30. I'd call the police. He's purposely slowing the traffic, which is a crime

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