1. I live in Moscow and only saw people wearing iem 2 or 3 times. Almost everyone has wireless earphones/headphones or sometimes cheap wired ones.

  2. I thought it was my turn to post this greentext

  3. And still the russians you talk to will assure you how great russia is compared to your country.

  4. As a russian I cringe so hard from them. They are brainwashed by TV and make all of us look like barbarians.

  5. Seeing him beg for the gnosis was music to my ears fr

  6. seeing your comment was shit to my eyes fr

  7. Scene is hilarious to me as he just falls and is immediately forgotten about.

  8. it would be hilarious if you would die and be forgotten about

  9. Shame he didn't break his neck (or his cpu) in that fall xD

  10. i never understood this. so if your headphones are past a certain quality you are no longer listening to music and listening to the headphones?

  11. I am fucking stupid, lazy and deserve to die.

  12. I am not voting for a free standing item frame. I'd rather vote for something that contributes to the game, unlike the glowsquid or this tuff golem.

  13. so you're voting for a moss cube with legs, yeah, a lot of contribution in that one

  14. the fuckin irony. you want to vote for the iron golem's shadow? who said i was voting for this mob because of its looks? who said i was voting for the mob at all you fucking idiot?? i don't want some pansy decoration mob which holds no value, just like the glowsquid in the last vote compared to the other two mobs.

  15. Dude is having a meltdown because of a silly block game 💀

  16. Phantom is objectively the best combination of range, handling and module space you can get.

  17. thanks for the advise, i bought krait mk2 and visited Colonia, Sagittarius A*, Beagle point and countless other POIs, zero regrets, it's been a blast

  18. Normalize destroying humanity in a nuclear apocalypse.

  19. And? It's not even a ksp craft, why is this post here?

  20. Yes, but what is the point of just posting a picture and saying that it would be a good craft?

  21. But we aren't real. We are just figments of your imagination and an extension of human consciousness. Why haven't you touched your dinner yet my child? You've been taking your pills right? RIGHT?

  22. I know you are not real. I just like to pretend that you are.

  23. But what if we are real and you aren't and the not taking the pills are just an illusion to trap your conscience here in a place it doesn't belong in? You don't want to stare a the abyss for too long do you?

  24. Not a single day passes without me hoping to wake up from this weird dream, to escape from this trap. But it seems that I'm stuck here. Almost every day is pain and suffering and the only thing I have left is hope for a better future. Maybe I will find a decent job and meet someone to enjoy quiet nights with and who will love me. Maybe I will escape this reality and return to the REAL world where I would actually fit in. Whatever it is I just hope it's worth it.

  25. Tighnari's burst It feels like it choses targets at random

  26. "The anime itself is good. However the fandom... yeah, let's not talk about that"

  27. True for almost any anime/movie/game/whatever

  28. Confirm, this is exactly what happened to me

  29. Oh wow you got stuck with the Aranara before you even get to Inazuma for real?

  30. I went to Sumeru even before finishing Liyue archon quest. Now I have 100% Liyue and doing Inazuma and Sumeru paralell

  31. Finish university, find chill night shift job, move to my own apartment, play games a watch youtube in free time. I just want to enjoy quiet night life.

  32. It's a park in Moscow called Tsaritsyno

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